2012 in Review

2012. Wow. I can honestly say this may have been the biggest year of my life. Not sure how 2013 will top it. Let’s have a review, shall we?

In January of 2012 I was busily promoting my self-published book Semester Aboard. I had, according to a blog post, less than 400 likes on Facebook. I was plodding along, getting reviews here and there. Right around this time is when I crossed cyber-paths with Melissa Ringsted, blogger/editor. She read and enjoyed my book. Yay for me.

The rest of January until April 21 was a blur of wedding planning, with book promotion when I could fit it in. Somewhere, probably in March or so, Melissa told me she had become the editor of a new publishing company, Anchor Group Publishing. They were putting together a paranormal Anthology (which is 99 cents until New Year’s Day!) and Melissa wanted me to submit a story! Needless to say, I was stoked!

And then, on April 21, 2012, I got married. That event alone would have made 2012 a wonderful year. But I had no idea what was still in store. A week later, two other good friends were married!

I was working a crappy job, literally fighting for every penny of my pay and getting ripped off whenever the boss thought she could get away with it. I got to write termination letters for employees and the boss was always conveniently absent when the time came to fire people. Lucky me. So, I was pretty unhappy. Just two weeks after returning from my honeymoon, I was called in for an interview for a job I had forgotten applying for. A week later, they offered me a job. I am still happily working for them. Less than half over, and 2012 was already better than I could have imagined.

Around the same time I signed up for UtopYA. A new convention specifically for female authors and fans of YA paranormal. And, also at the same time, I passed my finished short story off to Melissa. Owner/President of Anchor Grouip, Stacey Rourke (a fantastic author by the way) loved it! She loved it so much, she wanted my book. I wasted no time signing the contract. Then, just when I didn’t think things would get better, Stacey rushed the print version so that I could have it in time for UtopYA!

UtopYA itself was amazing! I’m thrilled to say I was invited back again this year! If you’re on the fence about going, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Fast forward to August. I went to a book signing at a small bookstore and actually had people waiting to meet me! We made an offer on a house and got it! In September, the day before the wedding of two great friends, we moved in! Two more sets of friends had their weddings in October. And another pair of friends found out that they’re having a baby. The anthology was released and seems to be quite popular!

And, at last, just a week ago, I not only survived an apocalypse, I finished the sequel to Semester Aboard and sent it off to my editor!

And now, wow. What a year. I now have over 1000 Likes on Facebook. As of right now Semester Aboard has 99 ratings on Goodreads, 61 reviews on Amazon, and people are chomping at the bit for the next one!

What will 2013 hold? A dog, for one thing. Now that I have a house, I’ve got to have a dog! I’m also working on a short story collection featuring one of the characters from Semester Aboard. The second book, Snow Bound, should be published, with luck, within the next month. I’ll be at UtopYA 2013. I’ve got a few more writing plans up my sleeve. I also plan on making myself a writing nook and posting pictures, assuming it turns out nicely!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to 2013 being even better!

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  1. I am so Glad that you have had a really good year and congratulations on getting married! I can’t wait for Snow Bound and I have recently reread Semester Abroad and it made remember all the Characters and I have to say that Danio is my favourite character so I am also looking forward Danio’s Prelude!

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