A Short Update

Good morning and welcome to all the new followers! I just wanted to share a few exciting updates!

First, this Friday is a very special Freebie Friday. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the blog and/or my publisher, Anchor Group Publishing, you may have noticed that for the past few weeks one of our books has been free every Friday. This Friday, I encourage everyone to grab a copy of Ethan’s Story: My Life with Autism. This children’s book was written by eight-year-old Ethan Rice, who wanted to explain to his classmates what it’s like to have Autism. If reading it doesn’t tug your heartstrings a bit, they might be frozen!

Speaking of Friday, did you know it’s a Blue Moon? A bit exciting, I think! If you’re a werewolf in the More than Magic universe, you’d be pretty happy to get a second full moon this month. To celebrate that, I’m having a fun little contest. Anytime between now and Friday, you can ask me anything you want relating to werewolves in More than Magic! You can also have a little fun and ask the ‘characters’ in Semester Aboard anything you like about werewolves, or TS in particular, as well! You can get as serious or as silly as you like. You can post the questions in response to this or on my facebook page.

On Friday, I’ll compile all of the questions and post them here – with answers! Then, I’ll be choosing a few random winners for some prizes! The more questions you ask, the more shots you’ll have at winning! 

Next, I just mailed in the contract for the upcoming Anchor Group Publishing Anthology! It’s called Paranormal Days Gone Awry and is…well, exactly what you’d expect from the title! It’s short stories from 13 different authors, all about a not-so-great day in the life of a paranormal creature! Yours truly is one of those lucky 13 and when you pick up this anthology you’ll find a brand new story featuring some characters from Semester Aboard! I can’t wait until October First!

And finally, just a little writing update for you. If you haven’t heard, the first chapter of More than Magic: Snow Bound is here (right here on the blog!) as a little taste for those of you eagerly waiting. If you haven’t read Semester Aboard and are looking for something to read, I suggest you read the first four chapters of it (starting here) instead of the spoiler-filled first chapter of Snow Bound!

If you look at up at the Coming Soon tab, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting my progress on Snow Bound. It might be slow going in September, as I’ll be moving into my very own first house! However, I’ll be sure to keep updating. I hope to finish up chapter 13 this week. Keep your eyes on that page for progress and announcements!  You never know when somethig else will pop up!

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