I’m beyond thrilled to announce that More than Magic: Semester Aboard has been picked up by Anchor Group Publishing! Their fantastic editor Melissa is currently looking it over to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect, before the grand re-release! Even more exciting Semester Aboard will be available in print for the first time! This is one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me!

   In other related news, a short story featuring some characters from Semester Aboard will be published in an upcoming anthology from Anchor Group this fall! And wait, there’s more!

   There is now also an official book trailer! You can find it under the Book 1: Semester Aboard tab at the top of the page. While I’m on the subject of tabs, you may notice a new one: Coming Soon! For now, it’s empty, but I’ve got a few things in the works. Keep an eye on that tab in the coming weeks!

   If you’ve read Semester Aboard and are getting ready to obsessively check the Coming Soon tab, take a moment first to check out a recent guest post I did at Delphina Reads Too Much. Once you’ve read that, you can move on to an interview with Mariana from Semester Aboard! “Mariana” and Melissa – yes, Anchor Group’s Melissa – got together at Melissa’s wonderful blog and had a little chat. Now that’s two characters who have been interviewed. Let me know if anyone out there would be interested in any of the other ones!

   Last, if you’re familiar with my blog you may notice a couple of new things on the right-hand sidebar. One says Meet Me at UtopYA! I’ve got my own table at this upcoming convention. I’ll be there with swag and a pen to sign it with! I may also be sitting on a panel or two. Even more exciting, Anchor Group has a table as well – I’m actually really excited about that, I don’t know when I would actually have met some of the team in person if not for UtopYA! – so, there will be lots going on! And, if you couldn’t tell, I love to talk! Drop on by my table and get to know me! Click my Meet Me at UtopYA button for more information!

   And, wrapping it things up, Charlie’s birthday is coming up in a week! I’m going to have some interactive fun on my Facebook page, through-out the week, to celebrate! Do stop on by and post a comment or two!

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