Big Contest

Hello fans and readers! Since Facebook is being a bit of a jerk about contests, I’m going to post the details here. Hopefully it’ll be easier and clearer for you!

The Grand Prize: The grand prize winner will get to choose any chapter in Semester Aboard and I will rewrite it from the point of view of any character other than Jen!
You will also get a special surprise!

Other Prizes: Everybody who is entered in the running for the grand prize will get a prize too!

The Contest Details:

I have come up with 7 “goals” every time we meet one, I will post a description of objects you have to collect, like a scavenger-hunt. Then you have to take a picture of those objects and post it on Facebook or Pinterest, and send me the link so that I can see it!

At the end, I will have a total of seven pictures from each of you, that show the things you collected.

If you submit every picture, you will be entered for the grand prize!

Here are the 7 goals: Some of them you can do yourself, for some you’ll need to go get friends!

 Goal: 100 People Attending The Facebook Party – MET

Take a Picture Of: YOUR copy of Semester Aboard or Snow Bound. Be sure I can tell it’s actually your own book and not just something you found on Google! There are 3 ways you can do this – please note, all 7 pictures will need your book in them! Consider this an easy practice one!

I will accept – 
  • 1: a picture of your paperback OR
  • 2: A picture of your ereader with one of the books loaded up OR
  • 3: If you only read on a computer, use the PrintScreen option to take a shot of the books loaded, and then print it out! (it will need to be portable)
Post them to your Facebook wall or Pinterest and send me the link! 
Goal: 1200 Page Fans –

Take a Picture Of:

Pick your favorite character from More than Magic and then gather 5 objects that represent them – use your imagination, these can be things that remind you of them, things you think they’d like, or any under the sun!

Take a picture of these 5 objects AND have your book somewhere in this picture too! Remember how challenge 1 was a test run? Same thing. You can put the paperback, your ereader with the cover loaded up, or open it on your computer and get that into the picture!

Post this picture on your FB page or Pinterest and explain which character you chose, and why you chose each object! Be sure to send me the link!

Goal: 4 More Smashwords Reviews for Snow Bound (a total of 5) 
Take a Picture Of: NOT UNLOCKED

Goal: 7 3 More Amazon Reviews for Snow Bound (a total of 20)

Take a Picture Of: NOT UNLOCKED

Goal: 5 More Goodreads Reviews for Semester Aboard (for a total of 75!)

Take a Picture Of: NOT UNLOCKED

 Goal: 10 More Goodreads Reviews for Snow Bound (total of 25!)

Take a Picture Of: NOT UNLOCKED

Goal: 100 Followers on my Blog –
Take a Picture Of: NOT UNLOCKED


Pictures are all due by April 30!

Anyone who submits all seven pictures before April 30th will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing AND will automatically earn a prize!
Let’s get going on those goals! The sooner we meet them, the sooner more pictures will be unlocked!

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