Blue Moon Contest

If you didn’t hear, tonight is a blue moon! To celebrate, I gave people a chance to ask anything they wanted about werewolves in More than Magic! I have complied the questions below, and included answers! I also made a list of people who asked questions and gave everyone one contest entry for asking. I’ll announce the winners at the end! Thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed out, don’t worry, there are sure to be more in the future!

Werewolves in General

Paula W: Do all were wolves hide their clothes before changing over?

Elizabeth: Nope! Most opt for buying a special potion to wash their clothes in that allows the clothes to shift ‘with’ them. The potions can get a little pricey, but it’s cheaper than shredding your clothes. And it’s certainly better than ripping clothes that you really like!

Jocelyn S: What about werewolves do you love the most?

Elizabeth: Ooo, that’s a tricky one. I’ve always loved werewolves in general. Every time I’ve drafted some sort of paranormal story, I’ve always had a werewolf in the mix. They’re one of those magical beings that everybody is familiar with, but you can still throw your own twist onto them and make them your own and unique to your story. I’ve also always loved dogs and I have a lot of fun writing werewolves with quirky canine-like tendencies, even while human.

Stephanie H: Who was the first werewolf?

Elizabeth: Well, unlike vampires, werewolves weren’t created. They just evolved =)  So, nobody really knows who the first “true” werewolf was. Sort of like asking which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Werewolves and TS – Character Edition
 I get a kick out of ‘letting characters’ answer questions. So, when I do Q & As, I like to offer readers the chance to ask the gang of Semester Aboard ‘directly.’

Sarah W: What’s the worst non-magic legend about werewolves (from any of you)? (Or best if you’re Dani and use it to tease TS)

Yvonne L: What are some of the weirdest or furthest from the truth stereotypes that you have heard about werewolves?

TS: Probably anything close enough to the truth to be a problem. Like the people who expect to find wolves running about during a full moon. Full moons are brilliant, mind you! But you never know when some nutter might decide to go werewolf hunting. And they always pick the full. And the furthest from the truth…well the ones where people think being a werewolf is a curse always make me laugh.

Thomas: That. It’s pretty rare to find some non-magic who believes in werewolves enough to go hunting, but the majority of werewolf injuries from non-magics occur during the full moon. I also hate the myth that werewolves can turn other people into werewolves. Kind of a sore spot for me I suppose.

Dani: A lot of non-magics seem to enjoy trashy novels about a desperate werewolf trying to find his one-true-mate. And there’s unsuspecting human women and forests and really awkward claiming-a-mate-sex that apparently non-magic women find…romantic? That’s…really weird. But, I think women in general are confusing. Anyway, I used to look for those in bookstores and read choice parts out loud to TS’ answering machine. Actually…it’s been a while since I did that…

Sarah W: What do TS and Tom think about the common misconception that vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies?

Thomas: What? That’s a common thing? I thought that was one or two authors or something. See, this is why I avoid movies and books about werewolves and vampires. It only ends up frustrating.

TS: I think it’s sort of funny. Actually, I think any misconceptions non-magics have about werewolves are funny. At least the PG ones.

Yvonne L: What’s the worst habit TS as a werewolf has that annoys the others in the group?

Thomas: When he was puppy he’d get jealous if the rest of his litter tried to play with me, so one night he marked his territory. On my leg. He also likes to bury stuff. I used to play lacrosse, but gave it up because I could never find any balls at home to practice with.

Mariana: It’s really gross when he eats. I mean, I can get sort of messy with larger fish, but fish guts don’t gross me out like mammal guts do. Seeing TS disembowel a deer is really awful. Not to mention bloody.

Jen: It doesn’t really annoy me. But his face licking and disregard for personal space thing are both hard to get used to.

Yvonne L: What was it like to change into a werewolf for the very first time?

TS: Honestly, I don’t remember. I’ve been doing it all my life. Sorry I can’t answer better than that. It is always a bit odd when I first shift though. Sounds, smells. There’s sort of a ‘whoa’ moment every time. And I always feel a little off balance when I go back to human form.

Yvonne L:  Is there anything about being a werewolf that you don’t like?

TS: Being stuck as a human during new moons? Really, it’s brilliant. I’ve never wished I wasn’t or anything. I mean, being tied to a soul-packmate, depending on who it is, can get a little rough. Sometimes I do wish I didn’t, you know, feel as strongly about soul-packmates as I do. But, I think there are magics with worse innate problems than loyalty. So, I don’t complain.

Jessica C: What’s the best perk about being a werewolf?

TS: What isn’t a perk? The sounds, the smells, the running! It’s bloody brilliant. All of it!

Jessica C: When did TS meet Danio, Char, and Mariana and how?

TS: Dani and Tom met when I was living in Ireland. So, Tom introduced us after I got back to the states. I’d already heard a lot about him by then. The three of us got on brilliantly. Still do. We rented a house together for a few years, which is how I met Mariana. Dani used to babysit her and he’d bring her by sometimes. Werewolves have a knack for kids. Not to mention I had a ton of cousins who were still puppies. Dani came to me for a lot of babysitting advice. As for Charlie, I got asked to show him around the office after he transferred to our branch. He seemed like a good bloke, but was a bit lonely in a new state, so I helped him get settled in.

Jessica C: If he wasn’t a werewolf what other kind of magic would he want to be?

TS: I wouldn’t! There’s no other sort of were or shifter I’d want to be. And I don’t think I’d want to be a magic that can’t shift! I mean…maybe vampire? I think that’s the only kind where I wouldn’t be sacrificing my senses or speed. And vampires can run. Blimey, I wish I could run that fast.

Jessica C: How does it feel when he meets a non-magic that he really likes and can’t tell them he’s a werewolf?

TS: Awful. I tend to avoid getting too close to non-magics, for that exact reason. Then again, I think most magics try to steer clear from true friendships with non-magics. I’ve got non-magic friends, but I try to keep a bit of distance.

Jessica C: What was the worst type of magic to fight?

TS: That depends. Vampires are up there. One wrong move and you’re dead. Other werewolves tend to be even fights, but I always feel a bit bad having to fight a fellow wolf. And werejaguars and lions fight dirty. They’ll claw you to hell. My claws are pretty brutal if I want them to be, but cat claws are well nasty. I hate running across fire elementals too, particularly furies. Nothing ruins your night like being set on fire. And, surprisingly, witches and wizards. If they know the right spells and you give them time to cast them, you’re in for a world of hurt.

Delphina M: I want to know about his pack connections, his skills.  I want to hear about Thomas through TS’s eyes.  Especially how they got to be as close as they are. I want to hear everything he is willing to share about being a shifter. 

TS: Blimey. I don’t even know where to start with all of that. Alright em…what about my pack? It’s…big? My parents, their litters, all my grandparents and great-parents, back oh…I’ve got a great-great-great-grandmother in Ireland and a great-great-great-great-grandfather in France. Then all my cousins. My litter of course. Two brothers and two sisters. I’m the oldest of five. Then Dani, Charlie, Mariana, and Jen. Jen’s cat by proxy. Em…Jon and Fend, Natsuki. Some coworkers, some friends all over the place. And then sort of a secondary packmates of my packmates. I care about them a bit more than I do just anyone on the street, but they’re not really true packmates. And of course Tom’s in my soul-pack.

My…skills? Like, magically speaking? I can’t really do anything magic exactly like a wizard or an elemental would. During the day I’m just your average bloke. At night werewolves get stronger and faster, even in human form. I guess a heal a bit faster, we’re tougher in general. Better hearing, better sense of smell. I can see in the dark. I can shift back and forth at will, provided the moon isn’t new or full. Better full than new though. And I’ve learned some combat working for MES. As well as the tactics and things that a field agent has to know.

About Thomas…well, I hardly remember not being bonded to him. I was just a pup when it happened. And I mean…most of my class…didn’t make it that night. And of course the school shut down. I didn’t know much about soul-packs and my parents didn’t realize I’d bonded to him at first. All I knew was I didn’t want to leave his side. I think we were both a mess for that first month. And then it was very big brother-little brother. I tagged along with him and drove him mad most of the time. I don’t think he would have put up with me nearly as much as he did if our bond hadn’t gone all wonky. We were both gutted when I went to Ireland. But our bond was strong enough by then that we could still sense each other, it wasn’t so bad. Then, my biggest concern was when I got home. Cause, I grew up, right? I left for Ireland when I was 14, so I was still a bratty puppy to Tom. I was 21 when I came back. I was worried that he’d always just see me as a kid. Turned out that being apart that whole time worked, I guess. He was so stunned to see me all grown up that we were able to sort of, start fresh again. More like friends and equals. 21 and 33 weren’t nearly as bad as 14 and 26 were. And…it’s just sort of gone from there. Stronger bond, better friends, and all that.

Everything I’m willing to share about being a shifter? Bloody hell. Ok, first I’m not a shifter, I’m a were. I mean, we prefer the term ‘shift’ over something like ‘turn’ or ‘change’. Turn is more a vampire word and change implies that we’re, I dunno, different somehow. I’m me no matter what form I’m in. Having totally separate forms, human and animal, makes me a were. Shifters are the kind who can only go half way, like mermaids, fauns, harpies, that sort of thing. Another difference is when we can shift. Weres depend on the sun and the moon and their phases. Shifters are governed by environmental factors. Fauns have to be outdoors, mermaids have to be underwater, for example. Although, shifter or were, we all have times when we’re completely human, not just in human forms.

So, what’s it like being a were…it’s fun? I like it? Like I said, I’m human all day. I guess, even though I’m fully human, I’m always a were. I’m colorblind no matter what time of day it is, for example. My human form gets stronger at night, so I assume my muscles must undergo some sort of change, but it’s not visible. My winter coat is visible during the day as well.  Used to be bloody annoying going gray every winter, but now non-magics are coloring their hair so many different colors that I’ve started getting compliments. Em…I’ve got my share of…canine idiosyncrasies. But I think every magic has quirks, no matter what sort they are. Not a fan of veggies, love raw meat. The whole being human thing gets in the way during the day, cause meat that wouldn’t make me ill at night potentially could if I ate it before sunset. So, there’s nonsense that like that worry about. I think em…I think that about covers it?

Jessica C: For everyone: what’s better a werewolf or a vampire? 

TS: Better? Like who would win in a fight or steak vs. chicken? Cause, I’d have to say werewolves are better. I am one! But if I came to a fight…I like my chances against another werewolf a lot better too.

Thomas: Same question. I wouldn’t exactly run around away vampires are better in a cooler sense. Honestly the world would be a lot safer you know…without. And I also would rather fight a werewolf than a vampire.

Dani: Agreed. I’d take on a werewolf over a vampire, no questions asked. Or do you mean better in a Team Werewolf or Team Vampire sense? To be fair, provided the vampire is on your side, there’s really no better magic to have around.

Charlie: Going to go with the general consensus on this one. I’d rather get into a fight with a werewolf. As for which is cooler…I’d actually rather for fire elemental? They’re both magics, right?

Jen: I’ve always like vampires better than werewolves. In the real magic world, I’m apparently crazy for that, but my opinion hasn’t really changed. And I’ve never had to fight a werewolf, but I think I’d rather that than a vampire again.

Mariana: I’d probably have to side with werewolf too. Other than always being taught to be afraid of vampires…well, I think I’d rather get to turn into another animal entirely, rather than just get super fast. And I really wouldn’t want to fight either one. My chances in the water would probably be the same. It’s out of the water I’d be worried about!

Jessica C: Is it hard picking out outfits in the morning because you’re color blind?

TS: Let me clarify, I’m not totally gray-scale or anything. I’m red-green colorblind. I see blues quite fine. In fact, I’ve always made a point of buying blue cars because they’re easier to find where I’ve parked them. It’s the rest of the colors that just…well, end up yellow. So, I don’t really have trouble picking out clothes because just about everything I own is blue, black, or white. If nothing else I know the color of my shirt won’t matter if I’m just in an old pair of jeans. The hard part is going out and buying clothes in the first place. Luckily, non-magic girls seem to get a kick out of helping the poor colorblind bloke find clothes that look good. I’ve gone with Tom too. He’d never lie about what color something is, but he doesn’t have the best sense of style. And, just my luck, my only friend with one is the same friend who I know would give me awful colors on purpose. But, werewolves are colorblind, at least as far as humans are concerned, from birth. I don’t think I’m missing anything.

General Questions
A couple of people asked the characters questions that weren’t werewolf related. But hey, why not?
Janita M: If you could have a date with one of the characters, who would you choose and why?
Elizabeth: Assuming this is directed at me. That depends. If it’s a date-date, I’d pick Thomas. He’d be a good boyfriend and he’d be great to go on a date with. If it was just a friend-date, I’d go with Dani. He’d be a blast to grab dinner with.

Steph T: Ooh Question for Everyone! Who is your favorite Avenger’s character?

Jen: I liked Hawkeye. I guess I like to root for the misunderstood ones.

Charlie:  I’m an Iron Man fan. But I have a soft-spot for the Hulk. Got a little empathy there.

Dani: Are we talking the new Avenger’s movie or the comics? Well, either way Captain America. Hands down. And hey, who can’t love Chris Evans?

Thomas: Tough call between Iron Man and Thor.

TS: Gotta say Thor. All action, love it.

Mariana: Black Widow. She was awesome, kicking ass and taking names!

Steph T: How would you all feel about getting twitter accounts or facebook pages?

Jen: I have a Facebook account. But I’ve never seen much of a point to twitter.

Mariana: I’ve got Twitter and Facebook. As a magic, you always have to be careful what you post, but I’m young enough that I can get away with a lot. Plus, I’m facebook friends with Ember and she’s always on top of the latest cyber regulations for magics using social networking.

Dani: I made a Facebook account once. Then there were zombies and pirates and Farmville. And a zillion non-magics trying to friend me. I check it if someone sends me a message, but otherwise I usually forget I have it at all. As for Twitter…I think I would have way too much fun with it. I have better things to do with my internet time. Like play MMOs.

Charlie: Guilty. I’ve avoided Twitter, but Ember made me get a Facebook account.

Thomas: Twitter makes no sense to me. I had to join Facebook, but now that I’m finishing school I’m sort of gradually withdrawing my so-called ‘online prescence’. If I go back to school again in a few years I’ll probably just have to make another account. I don’t mind it so much, it’s just a pain to keep yourself from getting tagged in photos. Particularly if you play sports.

TS: I think Facebook and Twitter are brilliant! I get a bunch of friend requests from non-magic classmates, but ever since I started posting only in French or Irish, they’ve lost interest in responding to most of my status updates. I’m friends with all my family overseas, it’s a great way to keep in touch.

Steph T: If it had to be a Non-magic career, What would your dream job be?

Jen: Well, I always wanted to do something with history, like become a professor or work in a museum. So…I’m actually trying to figure out what to do for a magic career!

Char: I worked in a record store and had a DJ gig in college once. I don’t think I’d do the retail thing again, but if I ever need a break from MES, I might seriously consider finding a radio station and screwing around for a while. There’s also always blacksmithing. You can get some big bucks at the higher end, I wouldn’t mind taking a couple of years off to just focus on that.

Thomas: I’d probably play pro-football. If I really wanted to, I could easily make a team. I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m bragging, it’s…you know, sports among non-magics are kind of easy for a guy like me. That’s sort of the pipe-dream job though, because that’s the sort of job you want to avoid. Too much media, too many pictures. You want to keep a lower profile in the non-magic world. Now, coaching…maybe a little more reachable.

TS: Oh, I’m with Tom! Playing professional American football or rugby would be brilliant! Of course, I’d have to work a bit harder, being human half-the time. I think I could make a team though. I wouldn’t mind joining the FBI or something either. If nothing else, it would be fun to spend a few years as a police officer or in a crime lab or something.

Mariana: I’d love to be a singer. Mermaids naturally have great voices, so you have to be insanely talented to make any sort of splash in the magic world. Much easier among non-magics. But, it’s the same as what Thomas said, I’d never be allowed to get too famous. But I would love to get up and sing in front of a huge crowd. Maybe I’d just spend a year on Broadway and then fade from the public eye. Or just dress crazy like Lady Gaga so that nobody recognizes me when I’m normal. I’m also good with people. If I were a non-magic and had to pick a career, I’d probably go into HR, similar to what I’m doing now with MES.

Dani: I’d certainly be tempted to go down the music river too. Probably not as a singer, but I’d certainly like to grab a keyboard or a guitar or something. Or maybe join an orchestra and pick up an entirely new instrument. I’ve dipped my toes in the reeds section, but I’ve never gone brass…Or are we talking like, serious career? Something with international relations I think. Maybe translating.

Steph T: For everyone, what special skills do you have other than “magic” abilities?

Thomas: That’s a tough one. Most of my ‘special skills’ come from being a magic. I can play the guitar. I speak Japanese. Hm…I’m a decent cook. I can ski, been doing that since…you know, before.

TS: I have a knack for languages. I speak seven and I’m trying to decide what to study as an eighth. I can ski too. I’m decent on the drums and bass guitar. I consider myself pretty good at sports, even when I’m human. And I can actually draw quite well, but I never really have the time. I’m always scribbling on bits of paper when I’m on the phone.

Dani: Yeah…most of my special skills come from being a water elemental. Everything I hear, even in English, has more a musical quality to it to me, so it makes it easier to remember things. I’ve also got an ear for accents. If I’m in the mood to show off I can identify where people are from just by hearing them talk for a bit. But…yeah, that’s pretty common to most waters. Water elementals tend to just…learn stuff. We just go with the flow and it’s easy to learn new things. So, it’s hard to pinpoint anything I’m “skilled” at that isn’t influenced by just being a water. I play the piano and the guitar. I’m tri-lingual in non-magic languages. Mm…I’m pretty deadly on a crew team, assuming my stomach isn’t acting up. And I’ve got a pretty wide background in martial arts. And I can shoot the wings off a fly.

Charlie: I think my most “special” skill would be blacksmithing. Sort of a big thing in my family. I’ve been tinkering around with iron since I was a kid. I can also do farrier work. Been riding horses since I could walk. Actually, I’m a pretty mean cattle roper and I’ve done a few small town barrel racing and bull riding competitions. I’m a bonfire of 1960s and 70s music trivia, thanks to my record store and DJ days. I can play the guitar too.

Mariana: Skills that aren’t because I’m a magic? Man…well, I’m a great cook. Actually, I’m a great baker too. I play the flute. I’m good at math. I don’t think that’s a mermaid thing. Numbers just…click for me. People thought I was crazy when I said I love calculus and trig. I think I’ll take those again next time I go to college. I’m great with people too. Dani drives me crazy, he’s not people. But, other people really get along well with me. At MES when, like frustrated or angry people are on the phone, they always get transferred to me and I talk them right down.

Jen: That’s easy! I don’t think I’ve been a magic long enough to have any magic skills. I’m pretty good at tennis. I like to think I’m observant. I love a good mystery. I’m a fast reader. I’m actually good at pottery. I stopped taking ceramics classes because I had to focus on my major, but the professor lets me use the studio whenever I want! I’m a good skier. I sound like a good singer in the shower. I can bake. And I’ve got a knack for history.

Bonus Question for Dani and Charlie Fans
It got asked, who am I to not answer?

Jessica C: How did Danio and Char meet and what was their first reaction of each other?

Dani: Oh, love at first sight. I totally fell head over heels for him. Literally. He pushed me down the stairs like a violent psycho and nearly killed me. So, my first reaction was something along the lines of “Well, shit, this is going to hurt.”

Charlie: Whoa, can I interrupt? First of all, I did not push him down the stairs. It was an accident. And second, he didn’t actually fall! Which not only makes his claim that I nearly killed him totally false, it also negates his horrible, horrible head-over-heels pun.

Dani: I think it’s a fantastic pun. And I stubbed a toe catching myself. It hurt for a good five minutes. Maybe even ten.

Charlie: So, funny story. Danio, as it turns out, is allergic to hay…

Dani: Ok, ok! After “accidentally” nearly shoving me down a flight of stairs, he was adorably mortified. It was hilarious. He just started frantically babbling what I think was an apology. And…well, he’s cute as hell. I don’t like to say mushy, girlie crap, but I took one look at him and my knees went weak. Although that could have been a result of the relief from having just narrowly-avoiding cracking my head open at the bottom of the stairs. So, he’s just apologizing profusely and I realize…how can I put this delicately? Char lacks a…certain…subtle…mm…Ok, he’s out, he’s proud, and if you don’t realize he’s gay within two minutes of meeting him, you’re either dead or you’ve met the wrong Charlie.

Charlie: Your definition of delicate needs some delicate alteration.

Dani: So, needless to say, I totally forgave him for trying to kill me. I, very eloquently and romantically, asked him on a date, and we got dinner the next night. And, there you have it. Right, C?

Charlie: Oh yeah. That’s…totally, exactly how it happened. I saw the hottest guy in the world and decided that the best way to get his attention was to break his neck. And I didn’t spend the entire night thinking he was straight. And he totally didn’t invite me to go swimming or anything awkward like that. Yep. There you have it.

The Winners
I hope everyone had fun with that! Please let me know if you enjoyed it, I’d love to do another big one like this in the future! And now, on to the winners! I gave everyone a number for each question (some of you racked them up!) and then stuck them all in
Signed Bookmark: Janita M
Signed Bookmark: Jocelyn S
Calendar: Stephanie H
 Calendar: Steph T (hah, must be the names!)
Digital Copy of Snow Bound: Jessica C
Digital Copy of Snow Bound: Yvonne L
Congrats! If you won a bookmark or a calendar, please email me your address. If you won a copy of Snow Bound, you’ll have to be patient! But email me so that I can stick it in my Snow Bound folder so I remember you! (You’ll also get a little prize to tide you over!)

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