Dani Trivia and Contest Day #1

Ok! First day of trivia! Basic summary, I’m celebrating Dani’s birthday by posting trivia about him not found in the book, Semester Aboard! I’m also offering entries to a contest, the winner(s) will get a free copy of the book! Please see below for the full contest details. Essentially, if you comment (with thought-out comments) to the trivia with Semester Aboard related comments/questions/etc, then you’ll get an entry!

Today’s Dani Tidbit – Dani hates shoes. He goes barefoot as often as possible. If he really, really has to put on shoes, he opts for sandals 9 times out of 10. He’s pretty sure that going barefoot is against the office dress code, but so far nobody has said anything to him. Which, by Dani-logic, means that he’s free to ditch the shoes until someone catches him.
  Full Contest Details:
Dani’s birthday is November 10th!  Who is Dani?  He’s a character in my novel, More than Magic: Semester Aboard.  To celebrate his birthday (and three full months of being published!)  I’m holding a contest!  The prize, and there will be multiple winners, is a free copy of Semester Aboard
 There are a bunch of different ways to get entries!  
1. Like my facebook page: More than Magic: Semester Aboard 
2.  Refer people!  You get an entry (and so do they!) every time someone likes the page and says you sent them!
3. Same as above, but with my blog!  Every follower gets an entry, and you get entries for everyone who says to sent them.
4. Shout-outs!  If you shout-out my page on FB, you get an entry!  I don’t spam though, so you only get 1 entry per day for shout-outs!
5. Add Semester Aboard to your Goodreads shelf!
6.  Trivia comments!  Every day until the 9th I’m going to post some trivia about Dani that isn’t found in the book.  There won’t be spoilers, but I hope some of it will intrigue you!  If you leave a comment (or a question, or even start a discussion!) after I post the trivia, then you’ll get an entry!  The comment has to be either related to the trivia itself or Semester Aboard in general.  You can also read the first chapter here if you need more comment-fodder.  All I ask is that the comments are reasonably thought out.  Not just a simple “That’s funny!”  I am putting a lot of time into this contest!  
Now, not only can you get 9 entries if you comment every day, you can comment here AND on facebook for a total of 18 entries!  Plus, if I happen to really like your comment or something, you might earn even more!
Last, but not least, I’m giving away one copy for every five people who enter!  Good luck!  The drawing will be on the 10th!

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