Final Contest Day!

Ok today is the last day to enter the contest!  I’ll be drawing names tomorrow, based on how many people entered the contest!  At the moment I’ll be giving away eight free digital copies of Semester Aboard!

For those of you who don’t know the drill, there are several ways to get entries, the easiest are to follow this blog, to like my facebook page and to add Semester Aboard on Goodreads.  And, if you refer anyone to my facebook page, you’ll get an entry if they let me know who sent them!

Then, you’ve got a chance to really rack up the entries; for the past 8 days I’ve been posting trivia relating to Dani, one of the main characters of Semester Aboard.  Every time to comment or ask a question (a good one!) relating to the trivia or SA in general, you get an entry!  You also get a chance to learn a bit more about the characters before you get a chance to dive in!  Even though this is day 9, you can still comment on all of the previous trivia!

Tomorrow, probably around 7:30 EST, I’ll be drawing and announcing the winners!  You’ve still got plenty of time to enter!

On to the trivia:

As the book progresess our narrator Jen (and the reader!) learn that Dani has a few shadows in his past.  Jen manages to delve into some of them, but the observant reader might be able to spot hints and clues that Jen misses.  It is entierly possible to figure out quite a bit of Dani’s past – you just have to keep your eyes open!

Disclaimer: This trivia will be tricky to question, as I’ll probably be maddeningly unhelpful.  That said, you can get plenty of entries just by commenting on other SA related things.  Don’t forget, you can read the first chapter on Facebook in my notes section and you can also read the first 3 (and a half I think) on both Amazon and Smashwords!

Good luck tomorrow! 

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