Find Your Birth-Rune

Find your Birth-Rune!
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…On the date of thine birth
A rune was given by the earth
Ye hold within, a shield innate
To counter runes cast in hate…


January 1 – February 5 
Une – Warmth

Born under the month of Une, you are protected from curses cast by the rune of destruction. Your element is fire. 



Feb 6 – March 14
Lyde – Shelter

You are powerful against the rune of cold. Your element is air.


 March 15 – April 19

Mure – Protection

You have an innate ability to resist curses containing the weakness rune. Your direction is South.

April 20 – May 25
Riath – Love
You will never succumb to the effects of the hate rune. You have no direction or element, but instead draw your power from your heart.



May 26 – June 30
Orin – Water

You have the ability to resist the famine rune. Your element is water.


July 1 – August 6
Shal – Healing

You are strong against the pain rune. Your direction is West.

August 7 – September 12
Geil – Nature

You are especially resistant to the plague rune. Your element is earth.

September 13 – October 18
Pathe – Empathy

You have an innate strength against the control rune; it would be difficult for the enemy to possess you. Your element is spirit.

October 19 – November 24
Wyt – Life

Those born under wyt are strong against the death rune. Your direction is North.

November 25 – December 31
Ail – Light (sight)

You can resist the shadow rune. Your direction is East.

To be most effective as a rune-caster, you should always focus your spells to maximize the power of your birth-rune. If your rune represents a direction, you should face it while casting. If your rune represents an element, you should incorporate that element into your rune-casts. The exception to this is Riath. Children of riath are most powerful while helping loved ones.
Remember, your birth-rune only dictates one part of your power. Your true power will come from your trisk-rune…
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