Happy (Late) Halloween

A liiiiittle late with this post, I know. First, I hope everyone reading this made it through Hurricane Sandy safely! We never lost power, but it was a windy, rainy experience. Sundial Books on Chincoteague Island, where I did my first ever book signing, got hit fairly hard and lost part of their roof. I’m hoping that the books made it through alright! I hope the current storm is missing you too!

Anyway, I am sadly forced to post this later than I expected because, shockingly enough, when you are off work for 2 days, you fall two days behind and don’t seem to have the time to do silly things like this on your lunch break! Mainly because I didn’t stop for lunch the rest of the week.

In (late) celebration of Halloween, I opened up the floor to questions to the characters of Semester Aboard relating to anything Halloween! As always, everyone who asked a question got an entry into a contest drawing for each question. I did combine similar questions into the same answers, but don’t worry, I still counted it! I’ll post the winners at the end!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Last, before I move on to the answers, have you been keeping an eye on the Coming Soon tab? I’ve been posting updates about Snow Bound as well as the upcoming short story collection. Now, on to the questions!

Ruthi K: For Jen: If you could dress up as any of your friends for Halloween, who would you pick and why?

Jen: Um…probably Mariana, since she’s a girl and all! But if I had to dress up as any magic, I think I’d pick a fire elemental, just for the hair! Or a witch! Could you imagine me walking around in a pointy hat with a broom?

Ruthi K: For All: When was the last time that you went trick or treating??

Jen: This year. I took Emily out. I wasn’t, you know, actually trick or treating myself! But, I won’t lie, I was using her as an excuse to trick or treat when I was in high school.

Charlie: Clinker, it’s been a long time. I think I walked with Ember until she was…probably in middle school, then I let her go alone with friends. So, yeah, it’s been a couple decades.

Dani: I went with Catalina and Pike last year. Does that count?

Mariana: I was in high school I think. I was totally one of “those” high schoolers who dresses up and goes out, hoping to get candy.

TS: I honestly can’t remember. Trick or treating wasn’t as exciting as building bonfires in Ireland and I was too old for it when I came back to the states. I was probably…six or seven?

Thomas: The last time I went trick or treating…I was probably 12? Maybe a couple of years after that.

Alyssa L: All: Any plans for this Halloween? And what was your favorite Halloween?
Steph T: everyone: Plans this Halloween? What will you dress up as?
MaryAnn I: Anyone:Any parties coming up? What are everyone’s plans for Halloween night?

Jen: Nothing too big. Took out my little sister. Didn’t do any parties this year. The hurricane made things a bit tough, I’m glad we weren’t hit very hard. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a favorite Halloween. All the ones when I went trick or treating have kind of blurred together. And all of the ones since were either spent going out with Emily or watching scary movies. It’s not that I don’t love Halloween, I do. I just have never done anything grand, I guess. I didn’t really dress up either, I just threw on a headband with a big spider on top!

Charlie: I didn’t do anything special. Stayed home and hoped I didn’t get called in to work. Watched a bunch of horrible, cheesy horror movies. I don’t know if I can pick one favorite Halloween. My sister and I never really did much trick or treating when we were little. The whole rural farm life sort of made that hard. I’ve been to some fun Halloween parties and always had fun taking Ember around. I didn’t even wear a costume this year.

Dani: What he said. Except I wasted my afternoon swimming in some nasty-ass hurricane water to check out something suspicious that turned out to be nothing. Then I watched some amazing, classic cinematic masterpieces. I have no idea what movies Charlie is talking about. And I don’t think I have a favorite Halloween either. I never went trick or treating as a kid, that’s a very American thing. If I were a shorty like Tom I think I’d put on a mask and try to see if I could fool some people, but I think six-foot-four is a bit over the convincing tall kid mark. I didn’t bother with a costume this year. No Halloween parties coming up, but I’ll probably throw together something for my birthday.

Mariana: I went out to a party with a few non-magic friends. It was a good time. Ember and I had some great Halloween fun, but I wouldn’t say any particular Halloweens stand out as a favorite. It was actually an 80s themed party, weird non-magics, so I did the poofy hair, leggings, and legwarmers thing. I almost didn’t go, because I was afraid I’d slip and say something that made me sound too 80s.

TS: I blew a few hours patrolling around for work, then I went home and watched Carrie, then went to bed. I was a bit tired from some serious full moon romping. Don’t know if I’ve ever run about in a hurricane with a full moon before. Not sure if I have a favorite Halloween. Although I do miss some of the games and madness back in Ireland. Didn’t do a costume this year.

Thomas: I did some hurricane clean up in the afternoon, then manned the candy bowl and watched a couple of Alfred Hitchcock flicks, then spent the rest of the night in the office. I was always more excited about my birthday than Halloween as a kid, so none of them stand out a favorite. And…well, Halloween is a little close to the anniversary of…yeah. So, I’m not always in high spirits this time of year. And since I was home or working, I didn’t wear a costume.

Ruthi K: For Charlie: Have you and Dani ever considered dressing up in matching costumes for Halloween? If so, what would they be?

Charlie: Matching like…the same? Cause no. We usually coordinate somehow. And we’ve also done group ones. Let’s see, we did Kirk and Spock once for kicks. Done a couple of years as different superheroes. Nothing too cutesy.

Ruthi K: For Dani: Where is your favorite place to go for Halloween?? City, country, etc

Dani: Actually, America is the only place I’ve ever done the Halloween thing, so…I guess here? NYC was a great place for Halloween, had some fun there in college. I’ll say that.

Jennifer B: All: What is your favourite Halloween treat? And have you ever done any Halloween tricks?
Samantha K: Anyone: favorite Halloween treat?

Jen: Candy or just in general? I wouldn’t consider it a Halloween treat, but I start eating everything pumpkin this time of year! And no…I’ve never done any tricks.

Charlie: I’m not too big on candy. I can’t say that I enjoy the fact it’s getting colder, but Halloween is my cue to start baking more. I’ve never done any real tricking either.

Dani: I’m a candy corn fan. I don’t know why, it isn’t even that good. But if you hand me a bag of that crap, I’ll eat it. I’ve TP’d some things before, does that count as a trick?

Mariana: I love peppermint patties. Everyone always says they’re winter treats, but I always buy a big bag of them for Halloween and eat whatever I don’t hand out. I’ve never played tricks either.

TS: Barmbrack! Although my family usually loads it with meat instead of fruit. As for tricks, my brothers and I dressed like scarecrows once and traumatized a bunch of teenagers.

Thomas: I’m not very picky about my Halloween candy. I hate to agree with Dani, but if you hand me a bag of, just about any candy, I’ll probably just mindlessly munch. I’ve never really played any pranks either. I guess I’m boring.

Jennifer B: TS: Do you get to go out at Halloween as a wolf and people think you are just dressed up in costume?

TS: No, no, no. Nobody would ever confuse a werewolf with a costume. Even if I ran across a particularly stupid non-magic who did, I’d be in huge trouble for revealing myself to one.

Steph T: For everyone: What is your best or worst Halloween costume?
MaryAnn I: Anyone: Favorite costume?
Jenny W: What’s the worst costume you’ve ever worn?
Jessica C: To Jen: what was your favorite costume you’ve ever worn?

Jen: Shannon and I did totally accurate Hogwarts costumes one year. I think I probably put the most effort into that one. I’m not sure what happened to that wand…huh…I wonder if I could use it. How cool would that be? I don’t think I’ve ever had a worst. I just put less effort in some years.

Charlie: I don’t know if it was my best, but the four of us did “old movie” once as a theme. Painted ourselves black and white and everything. It was pretty toasty. The worst was when my sister talked me into Raggedy Ann and Andy. Ugh.

Dani: I dressed up as a certain vampire once for a party. The glitter itched like hell, but it was worth it for the look on Tom’s face. I’ve never had a bad costume. If I’m going to wear one at all, I’m not going to half-ass it.

Mariana: I totally went as a mermaid once. But, the dolled up, glittery kind. It was awesome. I’ve never really had a bad one.

TS: Football-Player-Zombie. American football that is. The make-up was awful and took like three hours, but it was fantastic. Haven’t had a worst costume. But one year I got lazy and went “grunge” and just pulled a bunch of crap out of my closet that I hadn’t worn in 20 years.

Thomas: What Teth said. We both did it that year. I have to admit, those costumes were amazing. I never thought I’d sit around and let someone smear fake blood on me, but it was awesome. I can’t think of any costumes I’ve ever not liked.

Jenny W: Thomas, have you ever dressed up like a vampire for Halloween? Anyone else dress as their true selves?

Thomas: No. No I haven’t.

Jen: I dressed as a witch a couple of times. Before I knew, that is. 

Charlie: I went as sort of fire once. But not as an elemental.

Dani: What he said, except water.

Mariana: Guilty! I had an amazing mermaid costume once! It wasn’t at all realistic though.

TS: Actually I did Wolf-Man once. Like, the cheesy Lon Chaney Jr. make-up. It was brilliant.

Jennifer B: Anyone from MES: I would imagine that you get a higher number of incidents at Halloween – what’s the scariest thing you have had to deal with on Halloween night?
Kathryn M: And to the MES agents: Do you have to work on Halloween night? And are the cases (vampire problems) worst on this day
MaryAnn I: What is the scariest thing to happen on Halloween to you?

Charlie: Thankfully, Halloween isn’t really a big deal for magics. But, there are some…odd ones out there who do freaky stuff. My first Halloween working for MES I got called out to some awful ritual sacrifice thing where some guy slaughtered an entire herd of cows. It was…it was pretty bad. And I was fresh out of school for Animal Science, so I had a pretty bad night. I mainly do day shifts, so unless they specifically need me, I’ve rarely had to work on Halloween night.

Dani: Yeah, the ritual sacrifice people are freaking nuts. Although the reanimating the dead crowd are pretty bad too. Certain kinds of magic, and magics in general I suppose, are affected by moon phases and all that stuff. But, I’ve never personally seen anything that makes me think that dead people are any easier to resurrect around Halloween, but some magics buy into that crap. If you get called to a graveyard on Halloween, you’re in for some seriously messed up stuff. If I’m working on Halloween it’s either because it was already on my schedule or there’s a huge clusterf-can I say that? A huge…mess. I wouldn’t exactly say things are worse…usually just weirder.

TS: Agreed. The sacrifice and the Frankenstein nutters are never good calls to get. I actually end up with a lot of non-magic incidents. If there’s any suspicion of magic activity, I have to go check it out. I’ve stumbled onto some awful things. And, I’m afraid, non-magics are into the mental sacrifice nonsense too. I think I’ve seen worse things from non-magics, to be honest. But, on the bright side, the vast majority of calls I get are reports of secrecy breaches that almost always end up just being non-magics mucking around with clever costumes. So, those go way up on Halloween. I work mostly nights and I’m a Field Agent, so Halloween is one of those all-hands sort of nights. Unless I’ve specifically requested it off, even then I’m on-call.

Thomas: Like TS said, it’s almost always just stupid non-magics getting weird. I just go by the schedule. If I’m off on Halloween and I get called in…I know it’s going to be bad. If I’m already working that night, I usually just get a lot of phone calls about various “magics” running around and stuff. Thankfully, there was nothing major this year. I think the hurricane kept most of the crazies at bay.

Merisha A: What is your favorite halloween/ scary movie??

Steph T: Everyone: Favorite scary movie or favorite top 3?

Jen: I will watch Beetlejuice over and over again. And Hocus Pocus, although that one is kind of weird now, with Rak. Who am I kidding, I’ll watch any Halloween movie! I also have a thing for Dracula movies. Shadow of the Vampire is one of my new favorites.

Charlie: I don’t really have a favorite. Just as long as it’s either meant to be funny, like Young Frankenstein or genuinely scary, not lame scary. Which pretty much rules out anything from the Boris Karloff era. I can’t take stuff like The Mummy or Wolfman seriously. So cheesy.

Dani: If it’s so cheesy that it makes Char squirm, it’s probably one of my favorites. I found a DVD collection of Fifty Classic Horror Movies. Oh my god, they’re so deliciously awful! How do we make a scary alien? Oo, I know, let’s put a guy in a gorilla suit with a space helmet!

Mariana: I love Casper and Ghostbusters. I could watch those over and over.

TS: I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I’d say The Shining is probably my top favorite. Halloween isn’t over until I’ve watched it!

Thomas: I’m going to show my age and say Alfred Hitchcock flicks. I could seriously marathon all of his movies for days and be perfectly happy. Probably because none of them involve vampires.

Jennifer B: Jen: You’ve seen Halloween from a non magical PoV. Now you have found out you’re a witch, have you seen anything new and interesting at Halloween that you wouldn’t have noticed before as a non-magic?

Jen: I wish I could say yes! I was hoping that I would, but so far I have yet to see anything out of the ordinary. I periodically see what I know are other magics, but not really around Halloween. Disappointing really.

Delphina M: For anyone: How do you feel when people dress up for Halloween as someone from your species? ie: A were, a vamp, etc.

Jen: I can’t say it bothers me, but then, I’m not quite in a position to, seeing as I’ve done it!

Charlie: Thankfully, elementals have more or less escaped the non-magic eye. I see a lot of fire-ish things running around, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a true imp.

Dani: Yeah, water elemental costumes don’t seem to be flying off the shelves. I can’t imagine I’d care though.

Mariana: I think it’s sort of funny. And I always compare them against the real thing.

TS: I get a kick out of it. Although the costumes are usually quite awful.

Thomas: It used to bother me, but I’ve sort of stopped caring. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I would much rather see a Dracula-type, you know, the cape, the fangs, and stuff, than this Twilight nonsense.

Jessica C: To all: would you rather scare people or be scared

Jen: I don’t think I’d want to scare anyone! But, I’d rather that than be scared.

Charlie: For Halloween specifically? I wouldn’t mind startling some people for fun. But, I’d be worried that I’d set something on fire if someone scared me!

Dani: Depends, I suppose. I do love a good scary movie and I wouldn’t say no to spooking some trick or treaters either.

Mariana: I can handle scary movies, but I’d hate to run into something scary in person! And I guess I’m too nice, I wouldn’t try to scare people either!

TS: Either, as long as it’s all in good fun!

Thomas: I won’t turn down a chance for a prank or two, but I usually steer clear of the scary kind.

Samantha K: For Jen: sine you have discovered you are a witch and your new besties include a vampire, werewolf, and other magical beings, does it change the way you view Halloween at all?

Jen: It’s made looking at different costumes a lot more fun! It’s also made it a little weirder, cause I have to stop and think about whether or not my costume might insult someone!


Kathryn M: To everyone: Have you ever gone to a hauted house and gotten really scared? If so why?
Steph T: Everyone: Haunted Houses fun, scary, or normal?

Jen: Fun! But…well, some can be pretty scary! I don’t think I’ve ever been horribly scared at one, but I do jump a mile!

Charlie: I don’t mind going to them now and again. But, if I cheat and use thermal vision, I sort of ruin it for myself. I’m also paranoid about getting water dumped on me. I was at some decently creepy haunted house once and they had a drowned zombie. I didn’t get “really scared” but the idea of drowning usually freaks me out a bit.

Dani: I don’t really do the haunted house thing. I get the impression that the scare factor is usually just unexpected people and things jumping out at you. And I’m not the mm…safest person to startle. That being said, there also isn’t a lot that actually scares me, so I think a haunted house would underwhelm me.

Mariana: Ember usually drags me to haunted houses. I guess I sort of like a fun scare sometimes. But, I think being able to see in the dark takes some of the fun out of it. There was one with a guy revving a chainsaw at the end! I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but my heart was pounding for hours!

TS: I don’t really scare easy. And Mariana’s right about seeing in the dark. I think that’s what most haunted houses rely on. The gorey ones are fun. Never really been too frightened though.

Thomas: Just about everything Teth said. Being able to see and hear well…the entire thing, sort of ruins the scary part. I don’t think I’ve ever really been afraid in a haunted house.

Jessica C: To all: best Halloween memory
Kathryn M: All: What is your worst Halloween memory and what is the best one?

Jen: That’s a tough one! Might have been the Harry Potter party with Shannon. God, that’s embarrassing to say. We marathoned all of the movies that were out and did a bunch of horribly nerdy things. Looking back, I’m not sure I could have done that if I had known I’d be a witch! Worst was probably the year my dad died. I wasn’t upset, I guess…does that sound bad? He was never really a big part of Halloween, but I guess every major holiday that year was just sort of different without him.

Charlie: Probably after Ember and Callie moved to New York. We all went trick or treating with Dani. It was sort of like a real family trick or treating, you know? It was a great night. My worst Halloween was the cows one. That still makes me a little sick.

Dani: I’ll just be lame and agree with Char. That was a fun night. To be fair, I haven’t actually spent that many Halloweens in America. Worst one…I mean, the ones I’ve celebrated have never been bad. I never lost Mariana or Ember! So…I’m just going to say Halloween 1972. I don’t actually remember it, but I’m going to assume it sucked.

Mariana: I don’t know if I can pick one best Halloween memory. They all sort of blur together. My worst one…I was sick one year. It was one of those awful like, thirty-year bugs that goes around. I’ve never felt that awful in my life. I spent the whole day underwater having a little one-person pity party.

TS: I think they’ve all been good in their own right. Unless I’m working. The worst might actually have been my first Halloween in Ireland. I was a million miles away from Tom and I could sense how depressed he was, which was upsetting. And I was too young to really understand all of the weird Irish things they were doing. My parents did some with us in America, but it was very different actually being there. And MES…I’ve run across more than a few awful sights on Halloween. There was a…mutilated werewolf once. That was really bad.

Thomas: I’ve always been more interested in my birthday to be honest! I don’t think too many Halloweens stick out to me. I think my worst memory, well, Halloween in general, was the one after I was turned. It was coming up on the anniversary of it and I was still taking it pretty hard. And then there are a a few nasty MES things I’ve had to do as well.

Jessica C: To Dani and char: what was your first Halloween together like?

Charlie: Same one actually. For “our” first one, I went back to Arizona and didn’t see Dani for a week! But the following year we went out with my sister and Ember. It was a fun night. Costumes aside…

Dani: Are you kidding, those were fantastic costumes.

Charlie: Says the guy who got to dress up like Dread Pirate Roberts.

Dani: I see no shame in having to be Inigo. He’s pretty splashy too.

Charlie: I maintain that we had three Buttercups, we could certainly have had two Westleys!

Dani: Except your sister said it would be creepy if you dressed up as the love interest.
Jessica C: Thomas: have you ever had to take TS trick or treating

Thomas: I tagged along once. With all five of them. That was a nightmare.

Jessica C: Dani: same question to Thomas but with Mariana
Kathryn M: Dani: Ever taken Mariana out trick or treating when she was young, what happened?

Dani: I have taken her a few times. Although that was usually because I was taking Ember and Mariana got invited along. I can’t recall anything special happening. No epic disasters or anything. Just a couple of kids out getting candy. Looking back, it’s probably a miracle nothing ever burned down…

MaryAnn I: Anyone: Fave halloween candy?
Jenny W: What’s your favorite candy?

Jen: Candy in general or Halloween specific? I do like candy corn. And I love all the “special” candy that comes out in different colors for Halloween.

Charlie: I liked baked things over candy, but I’ll eat whatever is left over from trick or treaters.

Dani:  Yeah…candy corn. But I’ll eat just about anything that isn’t sour or spicy.

Mariana: Peppermint patties! I remember one year they had orange filling, it was great!

TS: Em…not the biggest candy fan…

Thomas: Yeah, same. I prefer chocolate over candy. So, I guess any candy with chocolate in it?
Kathryn M: To Char, TS, Thomas or Mariana: Are Dani’s pranks worst on Halloween or not, if so what was the worst trick he played on this date and to who?

Charlie: I’m happy to say that I’m usually spared his pranks. I’d say the only thing that gets worse around Halloween is the amount of terrible movies he watches.

Mariana: He’s a pain in the butt no matter what time of year it is. He’s always extra awful for April Fool’s Day, but that’s also because it’s so close to my birthday.

TS: He usually leaves me out of it, unless he thinks I’ll ruin it for Tom!

Thomas: I agree with Mariana, he’s bad all the time. Well, to be fair, he does ease up on me a bit this time of year, which I appreciate. I not sure if I can really think of a worst prank. He did break into my office one night and…use my desk. But, I blame Charlie for going along with that one.

Bree F: Since Halloween is coming up, do you have any special things you have to do to prepare?

Jen: Well, I’m still living a fairly boring, non-magical life. So, I just buy candy, decorate…all that stuff.

Charlie: I generally just brace myself for a potential disaster and try to focus on the fun parts.

Dani:  Yeah, just Halloween and birthday planning. Although now that my niece is old enough to trick or treat my Halloween plans change up a bit.

Mariana: Not a thing. Although if I’m still with MES next year I’ll probably be working on Halloween. Lame.

TS: I normally spend a bit of extra time, around any major holiday really, planning schedules and patrol routes.

Thomas: No real preparation on my part either. I guess my main concern is feeding either that day or the day before. It’s a pain on Halloween night.


Heather H: I actually have a question for ALL of the characters. What does one dress up as for Hallowen when you are a vamp, were, mermaid, etc. lol

Jen: Well, I’ve dressed up as a vampire and a witch before!

Charlie: Oh anything. Superheroes, pop-culture references, sci-fi characters. Whatever.

Dani:  Vampires if I can piss off Thomas. Otherwise, yeah, whatever is popular at the time. Or some sort of throwback, those are fun too.

Mariana: I have dressed as a mermaid! I did a few Disney princesses over the years. Stuff like that.

TS: Can’t say I’ve ever dressed up as any type of magic. I guess when you are a werewolf, pretending to be one doesn’t hold the same appeal. I usually stick to characters from films or something.

Thomas: Same with me. I’m a sci-fi fan, no vampires, it’s great. So, I’ll do something like that. Or just other current costumes, that sort of thing.


Heather H: Another question for all. Do you have Halloween parties? If so, what do you do at them? Normal stuff or supernatural stuff?

Jen: I have yet to actually go to a magic Halloween party! I hope we do supernatural stuff!

Charlie: You know, I find magics tend to always do something slightly supernatural, regardless of what we’re doing. If I’m at a Halloween party with all magics and I need to use my abilities, I just will. I think the parties themselves are usually fairly similar to non-magic ones. Scary movies, games, whatever.

Dani: What he said. There might be some shifting and weird stuff, depending on what kinds of magics are there. I mean, we’ve always got wood lying around for Char to eat. So, I’m sure a non-magic would consider that sort of out of the ordinary.

Mariana: Actually, the biggest Halloween parties that I’ve been to have all been non-magic ones!

TS: Yeah, most of the big parties I go to are usually for non-magics. I sort of get roped into them, since I’m usually on some sort of university sports team. I guess none of my friends are big partiers. Every once in, literally, a blue moon there’s a big werewolf party. Those are very “supernatural”. We do all sorts of mad werewolf things.

Thomas: Same. And if I am going to a big magics-only sort of party, I find it’s rarely a Halloween one. But, if we are all together, there are always a few supernatural things going on. It’s hard to find a group of magics, provided there are no non-magics around, who don’t do something magical.
Jennifer B: All: Have you ever made a Halloween pumpkin? If so, what design did you do?

Jen: I love carving pumpkins! But I usually just do the standard triangle eyes and toothy mouth. I’m not a great pumpkin carver.

Charlie: I’ve done a few. Too many decades of blacksmithing has made me a bit too heavy handed for pumpkin carving. I either break them or set them on fire. We’ve sort of developed a Dani wastes his time carving while I bake the rest routine.

Dani: Art is not a waste of time. And I happen to be a pumpkin carving master. You know those insane, intricate designs where people scrape instead of just hacking away? Yeah. I do those. I usually spend a good three to four hours per pumpkin. I totally made Presidential candidate pumpkins this year. Recognizable ones. Well, they were until I smashed one.

Mariana: I never really carve pumpkins, I’ve done the simple designs, but I try to be a little more…decorative when I do things. Like all the fancy painted pumpkins and vases on Pinterest? I do those!

TS: Why carve it when you can chew on it? I have carved turnips though. Just made them look scary.

Thomas: I usually carve a couple every year. This year I just did the basic face outline.

Jenny W: What kinds of “tricks” have you played on people? on your family members? on each other?

Jen: Shannon and I usually just pinch each other during tense parts of scary movies. I also try to do friendly ones to Emily sometimes. Never anything awful!

Charlie: I don’t really play too many tricks. I have ding-dong-ditched my sister before. And I’ve left a few realistic spiders and gross things in her house. But then, we’ve always done stuff like that to each other.

Dani: If I think I’ll get a laugh out of it, I’ll do it. I make it a point to leave amusing jetsam in inconspicuous places whenever I visit my brother’s house. Sometimes he doesn’t find it for weeks. Although once I left something…inappropriate and his wife found it. Thankfully, she’s a good sport. Halloween is a great time to stock up on various gross and-or random things. Or to convince people that they’re being haunted.

Mariana: I swear to God, Dani, if you’re the reason that creepy statue in the office is closer to my desk every morning, I will freaking kill you.

TS: I don’t really play too many pranks, I invariably feel guilty about it. But my siblings and I do some good-natured bone hiding and such. And Halloween is a great time to just leave half-chewed bones scattered about my yard. It makes it festively creepy and non-magics assume they’re fake.

Thomas: I don’t really do any tricks either. I’ll do the usual creepy Halloween decorations. If there are brats out smashing pumpkins or stealing candy or something I might try to freak them out. Most of my tricks are part of my ever-lasting war with Danio.

Steph T: Everyone: What was your most memorable Halloween as a “kid”?

Jen: Good Halloween? Do I count as a kid when I did the Harry Potter one with Shannon? Cause we were both 19…

Charlie: Didn’t really do a lot of Halloween as a kid. There was a big Halloween party when I was in high school. We all wore costumes and got sick on candy. I guess that was probably my most memorable one.

Dani: Never had Halloween as a kid, I’m afraid. Although, right before Halloween in 1940 was when our Prime Minister basically said “screw you” to Mussolini. I’m not sure what day I heard about that, since I was way out on an island, but it might have been on Halloween. It was certainly a memorable day.

Mariana: My Halloweens were always fun! I guess my most memorable one…man I can’t remember how old I was! It was the first time Ember and I were old enough to go out by ourselves. That was just fun in an independent sort of way.

TS: I can’t recall any big memorable one from when I was a puppy. I actually can’t even remember what I did for the Halloween before…well, before Tom and I bonded. I feel like I should, but I’m sure I was just wandering about with my litter and getting candy. All I really remember from Ireland Halloweens is firecrackers and bonfires!

Thomas: Probably my first Halloween with Hylay. I was young enough to still get away with trick or treating and she came with me. Yeah…that was a good one.

Steph T: Everyone: How do you feel about the new “Twipire” (twilight) movie coming out next month? haha

Jen: I’m…yeah, I’ll probably go see it.

Charlie: I couldn’t really care less. I’m much more excited about The Hobbit.

Dani: I’m already counting down the days for Tom. He’s very excited.

Mariana: I might go see it.

TS: Don’t care.

Thomas: Is there seriously another one? I thought Dani was just joking. Oh god, why is there another one?

Jessica C: To all: is Halloween your favorite holiday? if not what is?

Jen: I’m all about the entire Holiday season! Halloween through New Year’s!

Charlie: Probably Christmas. I have more fun decorating for that and I can bake a zillion different things. Could do without the snow though.

Dani: Any holiday I can spend without getting stuck at my mother’s is a good holiday in my book! But, I will admit, it’s nice to go over there from time to time for some good Greek home cooking. Char’s a phenomenal cook, but, as much as I hate to admit it, he can’t do Greek food like my mother can.

Mariana: Probably Christmas. I love the food, not to mention the presents!

TS: Yeah, I enjoy Christmas. The amount of presents though, blimey. Not to mention how many I usually buy for people. I go broke every year.

Thomas: I wouldn’t say Halloween is my favorite. As I said, it’s sometimes sort of a rough time of year. I much prefer when Christmas rolls around.

Kathryn M: Anyone: Does Halloween have a special meaning for the magics, why?

Jen: I wish it did, but it doesn’t seem to. A lot of magic culture seems to be more influenced by non-magics.

Charlie: No more than for non-magics. I mean, there are some magics in different countries who do celebrate it. But for American magics it’s just an excuse to wear a costume and eat candy.

Dani: Yeah, not really. It’s just a fun day to be stupid.

Mariana: Maybe magics in other counties.

TS: There’s a lot of older traditions we stick to in Ireland, but the American non-magic idea of Halloween is pretty much what I find here in the states.

Thomas: Yeah, American magics pretty much just do the non-magic thing.

Steph T: For Everyone: Favorite Halloween themed song?

Jen: I have to admit, I love the silly ones. Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, stuff like that.

Charlie: I’m actually a sucker for the old TV theme songs. We used to play those all the time on my station. Like the Munsters or Addams Family.

Dani: I’m a fan of the scores from horror movies. Also Night on Bald Mountain. It’s not really Halloween-ish, but it’s a good chill inducing song. I also love the Phantom of the Opera score, cause I can rock out with that and creep out passing trick or treaters.

Mariana: I love the soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas!

TS: I’ll listen to anything. If it’s catchy, I’ll like it.

Thomas: I guess I’ve got a nostalgic streak. I love hearing theme songs from older Halloween movies, like Psycho or something.

Jennifer B: All: Is there anything you can do on Halloween that you cannot do at any other time of the year?

Jen: That would be so cool, I wish! I guess I can walk around with my black cat and nobody will think twice!

Charlie: Nope, it’s just another day. Magically speaking.

Dani: You know, oddly enough, people don’t like if you show up at their door in a costume in, I dunno, the middle of April or something.

Mariana: Nothing more than a non-magic can.

TS: Not unless it’s a full moon. Which would be brilliant!

Thomas: Like Charlie said, just another day.
Jennifer B: All: Who throws the best Halloween parties?
Jen: I don’t know. I hear the best party house is Thomas’.

Charlie: We do most “parties” at Thomas and TS’. But if you want a good Halloween party, it’s my house. But please don’t, Dani will go nuts turning it festively creepy and I’ll be sweeping up cobwebs for weeks.

Dani: That’s only ever happened a few times.

Mariana: For someone who doesn’t frequent haunted houses, Dani can throw together a really, really creepy place!

TS: Yeah, if I want to really get in the scary movie mood, it’s Danio’s place.

Thomas: Any party that I don’t have to clean up from is a good party. Not that we ever party hard and make a mess, but still.
Jennifer B: Charlie: Are you making any weird and wonderful treats for Halloween?

Charlie: That’s directly only to me? That’s almost creepy. Do I know you? Um…I had some fun decorating cookies with frosting. I did pumpkin spice cookies that looked like pumpkins.
Jennifer B: Rak: How does it feel to be a black cat on Halloween? Does it bother you seeing lots of people dressed up in black cat costumes?
Rak: I’m used to the costumes, those never bother me. It’s actually a little unnerving around Halloween, to be honest. There are a lot of messed up non-magics who go around killing black cats near Halloween. I usually stay inside. Even if it’s a non-magic cat, I still feel for them, it’s terrible.

Jennifer B: All: What scares you more – Bats or Spiders?
Jen: Ick, spiders! I’ve never had a problem with bats, they don’t show up on your ceiling in the middle of the night. I mean, I’ll smash my own spiders, I’m not that scared. But, I will shriek if I hit one and it starts crawling toward me!

Charlie: They both burn. But neither really bothers me. You get used to all the critters growing up on a farm.
Dani: Are they rabid bats? Or exceptionally large? Are the spiders massive Shelob-esque spiders? Can spiders be rabid…maybe venomous? Oh, drought! Are we talking about gigantic, rabid bats being ridden by venomous, monster spiders? And maybe they’re on fire? Cause…yeah, I think that would be kind of freaky. Actually, that would make a great horror movie. Like that amazing one where the living dinosaur bones get destroyed and then they merge into an epic Pterodactyl-T-rex hybrid? Flying T-rex skeleton. Yeah.
Mariana: Yeah, I’m not a spider fan. I’ve never thought of bats as scary though.

TS: Neither. There aren’t really any non-magic animals that bother me.

Thomas: Spiders don’t bother me. And I have a kinship with…no, I feel dirty even making that joke.
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