Happy Thanksgiving

Hello friends! My blog has been quiet recently, which I apologize for. Hopefully I can make it up to you with all kinds of information packed into this post! Not only will I talk about upcoming books, there are some great sales around the corner too!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a safe trip to and from where ever you may be heading and plenty of delicious food. I just want to take a moment to tell you, yes you, how thankful I am for you. I’m thankful for each and every person who has ever taken a chance on my books, everyone who has liked them, even if we’ve never spoken. I am grateful and thankful for you. You’re the reason why I write. From the people who read the very first, unedited chapter of Semester Aboard seven years ago and told me I had to keep writing it, to the people who message me to ask when the next book is coming out. I hope my books inspire half as much as you inspire me.

Now, let’s talk books!

I’m super excited to tell you that Danio’s Prelude is going to be available in paperback! I don’t have a solid ETA, but I’m shooting for early December. To make it extra special, I will be including a bonus story, narrated by Ember!

If you aren’t a paperback person, fear not!  Ember’s story will be available for 99 cents from Amazon and Smashwords. As an added bonus, because Ember’s story is quite a bit more PG than the rest of Danio’s Prelude (if you get my drift) I will also be including several (edited for language) of the stories from Danio’s Prelude, so if you know a More than Magic fan who is under 18, they can finally get a taste of Danio’s Prelude!

While we’re on the subject of the More than Magic series, I’m busily working on Soul Choice! If you haven’t seen the summary yet, here you go! I’m also including a teaser cover, which my cover designer threw together. It shares some elements with the real cover which is amazing! Show some love to Inked Phoenix!

Forget everything you know… about magic…

       Jen doesn’t know who people keep mistaking her for, but one thing is clear: her mystery double is not popular. When Jen is kidnapped by a group bent on revenge for something she never did, it’s up to her friends to rescue her. Little do they know, Jen’s captors are ready for them.

       Thomas, TS, Charlie, Dani, and Mariana become the latest victims of a malicious experiment, one which could spell doom for magic-kind. Now their lives, and maybe their entire world, are in Jen’s hands. Unfortunately, escaping the facility is the least of their problems. The experiment is dangerous; one in three test subjects dies. And considering five of them are affected, the odds don’t look good.

       Time is running out and Jen and her friends are faced with the hardest decisions they’ve ever had to make; how do you know who to trust, when your own mother isn’t who you thought she was? Just how much will you sacrifice for a friend, even if it’s your life?

        And how can you make a choice when the wrong one means death?

Temp Cover
Temp Cover

I have no ETA on Soul Choice either, but should have some news for you soonLast weekend I went down to Miami to accept an award! I’m still sort of in shock. Semester Aboard won the gold medal for Young Adult Paranormal! It was a whirlwind trip; I was on the ground in Miami for less than 24 hours. But, I met a ton of great authors and their families.



If you haven’t read Semester Aboard yet, or you know someone who would love it, I’m having a Cyber Monday sale!



Have you heard about Unless You Can Be a Unicorn? In addition to being a great book, there’s a bonus, exclusive  More than Magic short story in the back!

On to The Curse Collectors! Wrought-Iron Roses isn’t quite at the top of my to-do list, but it’s on my mind and I’ve got it all outlined and ready to go! If you’ve missed the

summary, here it is!


       Sisters Rachel, Angie, and Jo may have survived their first encounter with a curse, but hundreds more are lurking within their aunt’s antique shop. There’s just one problem; Peter, the apprentice, has no idea how to start teaching two untrained rune-casters and keep them safe at the same time.


       It isn’t fair to Jo that she has no magic, but her sisters both do. She feels useless and left out. Worse yet, she knows that she’s a liability. But, something in the shop is calling to her, reaching out … and she won’t leave until she finds it.


       Every night Angie’s dreams are haunted by a man who claims he was cursed, and she’s the only one who can save him. When she starts to get sick, Peter and her sisters are sure the cause is her mysterious dreams. How can they convince her that the person she’s determined to help could be the one killing her?


       Rachel never expected to get a magic power and a boyfriend when she inherited the antique shop. Better yet, she’s actually good at curse-breaking. It seems as though she’s found exactly what she was meant to do. But, when a curse strikes two people she cares about, Rachel is faced with the harsh truth that she might only be able to save one.


Speaking of writing, I’m working on a new series! It’s Adult Paranormal Romance. Since I’ve been posting blurbs, here you go!

One of the best cops in the city, Alec Hanson had everything–except for maybe a man–until a routine call takes an unexpected twist and Alec finds himself face to face with a demon. His report takes him from top cop to laughingstock, and Alec is left struggling to explain what he saw, not just to the chief, but to himself.

Etienne Renaud gets on Alec’s nerves from the moment he shows up unannounced in his office, asking questions about the demon. He’s everything that Alec dislikes in a man, from his funny name to his attitude. He also happens to be the only person in the city who believes that Alec isn’t crazy.

To make things worse, Alec has felt strange ever since that night. He’s been on edge, hungry, and can’t get Etienne out of his mind. Soon, Alec finds himself trying to balance his duties as a cop with his newfound responsibilities as a demon slayer.

If only he could figure out how to balance his feelings for the exorcist training him…

I’ll have more information on that soon for you!

And last, I’m a member of a brand new sales company called Booksurf!

1888558_774138862651433_8993980663884123252_nAll of our books are signed and we offer swag too! If you’re interested in hosting a party at your house, becoming a representative, or you are an author interested in having your books in our catalog, please let me know!

Phew! I think that wraps up everything! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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