I have been Blogging!

Well, this is it, my first post on my first blog!  Given how much I love to read and write, I figured it was about time I started a blog. 

So, a bit about me first of all.  I’m Elizabeth and, for those of you just randomly stumbling here, am the author of Semester Aboard – the first novel in the More than Magic series.  I’m an indie author and self-published on Smashwords in August 2011. Semester Aboard is now available from Smashwords, Amazon, and a few other places.  I started looking at reviewer and author blogs and wondered why I didn’t have my own!

I intend to do a bit of blogging here about Semester Aboard and future books and such.  But I’m also going to use this blog for reviews, helping to promote other indie authors, and probably some general musings.  I am a writer, so I do tend to get a bit wordy.

If you are an indie author and would like me to review your book, do let me know!  Once I’ve got this blogger thing figured out, I’ll probably have a section somewhere specifically to talk about reviews. You may notice I also have some Amazon ads.  If you’ve got a book on Amazon, please let me know and I’d be happy to throw it into my ad rotation!

Thanks for reading!

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