Looking for a Free Copy of More than Magic…

…on Google?

If you are reading this because you Googled for something along the lines of Semester Aboard epub pdf download torrent or anything like that, please take a moment to keep reading.

I’m flattered that you’re interested in my work and want to read it. If you honestly can’t afford $3.99 for my book, keep an eye on my blog and Facebook. I do contests for free books all the time. Sometimes I even drop the official price to free!

If you can afford to buy it, please keep reading. Semester Aboard took me the better part of three years to write. Snow Bound took two. Not including the chapters and plots that lay half-started for even more years. I spend hours each day promoting and interacting with fans. Each book is over 300 pages and 130k words. Isn’t that worth $3.99? I’ve seen ebooks half that length selling for twice as much. I once spent $8.99 on a book that turned out to be 40k words. I was finished in half an hour and felt horribly ripped off. If nothing else, you can’t tell me that mine is overpriced.

I’m not J.K. Rowling. When my royalty check is missing a zero, I notice. And let’s face it, I’ve never been lucky enough to have one with two zeros on it. I work a day job and write on my lunch breaks. I have bills and student loans and drive a busted Subaru with over 206000 miles on it. I get excited when I have $3.99 to treat myself to a Gingerbread Latte.

Here’s some heartfelt honesty for you. I earn between 50 cents and a $1.50 per book that I sell. In a good month I get a check from my publisher for $25. Yes, you read that right, $25. One month I got a whopping $3. That’s less than I even sell my book for. What if you leave this page and find a free, illegal copy? What will I earn this month? $20? $15? Maybe just $2.

Now, I’m not writing for the money. I’m writing because I love to. Sometimes friends ask me what site they should buy from so that I get a bigger cut. You know what I tell them? I say, it doesn’t matter. I tell them that as long as they leave a review or reccomend my book to others, I’ll be happy.

If you’ve gotten this far and are still determined to find an unauthorized free copy of my book, would you consider doing me a favor? Leave me a Goodreads review. If you illegally obtain my book and you enjoy it, please, at least review it so that people who are willing to buy it see that people are enjoying it. I think we can both agree you owe me that much.

Would you like to know what I do with the money I do earn? I buy swag. I turn around every month and buy bookmarks and stamps to mail them with. And I have contests and send them to readers. Everytime someone downloads an illegal copy and cuts into my profits, I order less swag and less people get fun stuff. You aren’t cutting into how I pay the bills or how I buy groceries; I don’t make enough from my book sales for that to matter.

I’ll confess, I used to download things too. Once I even REALLY wanted to read the sequal of a book. And I downloaded it. But, I went out and bought it as soon as I had the money. And I deleted the file. But it wasn’t until I started moving in the indie author circles that I started to see how much it hurt the little people. I laugh at the South Park Episode where the celebrity can’t have a solid gold airplane and has to settle for gold plated because people pirated his album. But that isn’t so for the smaller authors. (To be fair, it’s not right regardless) but the smaller authors are the ones it really hurts. Stephan King might not notice when $500 is missing from his royalty check because of piracy. I have yet to even make $500 off my writing in the first place.

Are you still waiting for the rest of Midnight Sun? You do realize that she stopped writing it because it was pirated, right? If people hadn’t been illegally downloading it, she would have finished and published it by now. And then you’d have Midnight Sun sitting happily on your bookshelf. How many more authors have to get fed up and stop writing before it stops?

Want to know why you’re having trouble finding an illegal copy? Why this is what popped up first? Because I’m a nobody. I’m not big enough for people to bother pirating my book. So, help me out here. Skip the Gingerbread Latte this week and buy my book instead. Help me buy a couple of stamps to send bookmarks to fans like you.

If you truly enjoy reading, please help me to see that I have fans. Inspire me to keep writing, don’t give me a reason to stop.

Edit: October 2015 – Once again, I can see that someone found my blog by searching for “elizabeth kirke soul choice PDF” a book that has been out for less than 6 months and, again, is only $3.99. But this time it hurts so much more. You see, I still hardly make anything from my books, but now I have a son. An 8 week old son. Go read the Soul Choice dedication and see why people stealing this book hurts me more than it ever did before. There is less than one month before my maternity leave ends. And book pirates might be the reason I have to say goodbye to him every morning and leave him at some daycare before work, instead of holding him in my arms all day and writing. Are you sure illegally downloading books doesn’t hurt anyone?

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth for this testimony of truth! I hope people will truly listen to your message. This is a sickness that needs to stop. There are really so many free books out there anyway. So many good choices to choose from. This is a great post that I will be sharing 🙂 Best of luck to you.

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