Mariana Pictures and Interview

This time around we were posting pictures of Mariana! I got some fantastic ones and am quite excited! I also got another picture from a reader that made my day! More on that one later!

Before I share the Mariana pictures, the lovely Melissa of There for You Editing and Review, interviewed Mariana! It was a fun little interview, I always have a blast with character interviews.

You can read it here!

First up, is Taylor Swift. She’s really pretty! Certainly a contender! This one was posted by Missi, who is awesome.

Our next Marianas (two of them!) came from Jenny, my fantastic Facebook page admin! They’re both absolutely gorgeous! This second one just doesn’t scream Mariana to me, but she’s got to be a mermaid!

Our next two both come from Yvonne of The Shadow Realm! Be sure to give her page a like! Kate Hudson is beautiful, just a bit too mature looking for Mariana! And Blake Lively is just about spot on! It was a tough call between her and the winner!

On to the winner of course! Before that, if you’d like to know more about Mariana (don’t forget the interview at the top of this post!) you can also read an internet questionnaire that “she” filled out! You can find it here!

Now, our winning Mariana was also posted by Missi! Oddly enough, she isn’t as model-like as the Mariana in my head, but as soon as I saw her I thought “That’s Mariana!” She’s still beautiful, but looks spot-on as far as age goes. This is Dianna Agron from Glee and if I ever had to cast a Semester Aboard movie, I think I’d give her a call! (I may have taken a photoshop brush to this)

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! Our next character is going to be TS! Go find those pictures and slap them up on my Facebook page! Let me know any FB pages, blogs, or books you’d like me to promo when I post the entries. These will also go up on Pinterest (be sure to follow me!) and the winners will get to see the pictures they chose featured in my special project in July!

And, before I head off, here’s a picture from Samantha that had me giddy for hours! Samantha, please send me your address so that I can mail you a bookmark as thanks! Even better, she took this picture in Nassau, which is where I was on my honeymoon exactly a month ago!

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