Rafflecopter Winners

I’ll make this short and sweet!

First, I’m sorry this was as late as it was! Let me give you a quick peek into my life! My non-writing job at a university is picking up as the fall semester draws near, so I’ve been super busy at work. Not only that, my husband and I are in the process of buying our first house! Most of my free time, that I used to use for writing and blogging, has been turned into surfing Redfin and driving around the county. Phew!

As promised, I have chosen three winners from my contest! Please email me with your address! You have won: a limited edition Semester Aboard Calendar, a free digital copy of Semester Aboard AND a digital copy of the sequel, and an autographed bookmark.

If you already have Semester Aboard, let me know! And do keep in mind, that the sequel won’t be out for a few months! But don’t worry, I won’t forget you!

Congratulations to Autumn N, Natalie C, and Jenny V! 
In other news, stay tuned on Friday for the next Anchor Group Publishing Freebie Friday!  If you missed the first three, don’t worry – there are several more to go! Up through September, Anchor Group will be offering a random book for free on Amazon, every Friday! 
If you grab a copy (or have in the previous weeks), please be sure to also click Like and add some tags to the book! If you already have a copy from a different source, consider buying the book anyway (it IS free)!  Every Like, tag, and sale is extremely important to the Amazon ranking system. And if you do grab one for free, consider reviewing it eventually too.

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