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An assassin and a college student find themselves running from in the dark while searching for the truth.

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chasing after you, but not in the way Cole is.”

She shook her head and tried to pull away. If she had to admit it, she herself was affected by Trace in the same way that he was saying she affected him. His green eyes sparkled with a seductive mischief, and his lush lips promised things without even moving. She studied his face, but uncertainty tugged at her mind.

“You don’t even know me,” she whispered. Bessina wanted a man to want her, to chase her, and to someday love her. But she needed to be wanted for more than her body and beauty.

“If I wanted to get to know you better, would you let me? If I wanted to know your needs, your thoughts, and your fears, would you let me in?” He dropped his hand from her hair to her other hip.

Bessina held her breath and her stomach fluttered, but her fear ran deeper than desire. Where could this go? How could they make a relationship work?

She reminded herself that he was speaking hypothetically. None of this was real. They could never have anything, could they? “This isn’t the time or the place to talk about this Trace.”

Bessina tried to move away. She wasn’t sure what she would have done if Trace had shown interest in her before that day. Trace pulled her back to him.

“Answer me,” he demanded. “Would you have given me a chance?”

Bessina expelled a breath. He was pushing her, but she also needed to know. If things were different, could Trace be a contender for her heart, or did he just want what the other guys had wanted? She wasn’t about to be some notch on some man’s bed post, some phone number scribbled on a bathroom wall, or the butt of jokes between the guys. If she couldn’t have more than that, then he couldn’t have her.

No matter how much her body wanted him, her heart wanted more.

“The last time I let someone in…” Bessina looked away, ashamed.

“I’m not him,” Trace said with conviction. His hands moved up her sides and landed on either side of her face. His green gaze held her immobile.

Her head begged her to turn away, but her heart and her body were stronger. They didn’t allow her to move away, to run to safety. If you let someone in, you gave them power. If you loved someone, you gave them the ability to break you beyond repair.

“So you say,” Bessina said as she leaned into his arms. There was something inside her willing to listen to him. She wondered when the conversation stopped being hypothetical, because it felt as if Trace was offering more than just “what ifs” and “maybes”.

Trace chuckled. “I’m nowhere close to being perfect, but I’m not him, Bessina.”

Bessina closed her eyes, too afraid to face the truth in Trace’s words. What the hell did he want from her?

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