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As of just a few moments ago I “sold” my 100th book since adding Semester Aboard to the Smashwords Read an E-Book Week sale!  All this week Semester Aboard – and countless other books – are free or deeply discounted on Smashwords!  This is really exciting, especially considering that I had under 100 total buys before entering the sale.  I’ve seen a few more people add to their Goodreads shelves since the sale started as well.  I’m beyond thrilled.

Yesterday the “interview” with Charlie went live.  You can find it here!  It was a fun little twist on an interview.  If anyone wants to interview another of my characters let me know!  It was a blast!

Today, a sneak peek of Semester Aboard was posted on Indies Unlimited. I may be doing a guest post with them as well in the near future.

In celebration of the interview with Charlie, I had a little contest on my Facebook Page where people posted pictures of what they think he looks like!  I chose three winners and then posted a picture I had found.  The winners each got a signed bookmark, I’ll be doing a bunch of shout-outs and page promos for them, and I pinned their winning pictures on Pinterest: my newest addiction!  And, obviously, they are also getting mentioned here!

First we have a lovely shot David Wenham from Melissa Ringstead of There for You Editing! She would also like me to give a shout-out to Anchor Group Publishing. I stumbled onto some pictures of him when looking for my own vision of Charlie and considered them for a bit.  I guess great minds think alike!

Next, we have Jenny Needham’s picture of someone who reminds me of Big Pete.  If anyone knows who this is, let me know!  Jenny requested a shout-out for Black Words-White Pages, who will be doing a giveaway when they hit 300 likes! As I said on Facebook, Charlie would never let himself get this scruffy, but you never know!

Last, but not least, we have someone you probably all know, posted by Brittany Hiester.  She asked me to promo the page My Home Away From Home, which is a great page!  So, here we have Rupert Grint! I hesitated to choose his picture, since we all know which magical story he’s famous for. But, that may be the price I pay for having a red-head of my own.  To be fair, aside from being too tall, he is a good Charlie!
 And now, the one I came across!  This is Kirsten Myburgh, and I guess he was rumored as playing Tin-Tin or something, IMDB is vague.  Anyway, other than having eyes the wrong color he is just about spot-on as Charlie!  I sent a picture of him to my go-to Semester Aboard guru and her immediate response was “Char!”
I’m excited to do this for the rest of the characters too!  Start finding pictures!  Thank you to everyone who entered this contest!
And last, but not least, I have finally gotten into Pinterest!  I’ve been adding pictures that remind me of Semester Aboard!

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