Snow Bound Release and Rafflecopter

I’m thrilled to say that Snow Bound went live on the Kindle on January 19, 2013! It will be available soon in paperback, and on Smashwords, and from their distributors as well!
Now, how about a party and some prizes?!
The official Facebook Snow Bound Relase Party will be on Sunday, January 27! Please drop on by and get a chance for some prizes! In addition to prizes from me, I’ve got some ebooks from the fabulous Stacey Rourke, an ebook and Character Collectors cards from Peggy Sue Lea Martinez, ebooks from Cindy Springsteen, ebooks and bookmarks from Wendy Nystrom, AND two copies of the Anchor Group anthology, which contains a short story by me!
In the meantime, I’ve started a Rafflecopter with a bunch of ways to enter and some other great prizes! Some entries are straightforward – like a Facebook page, tweet, etc. And among the prizes are some signed bookmarks and a couple of free digital copies of Snow Bound (or Semester Aboard if you don’t have it yet).
But there are more ways to enter and more prizes to win! This isn’t your usual Rafflecopter, so pay attention!
You may notice that there are two BIG entries that are each worth 10 points.
One, is fairly simple – buy a copy of either Semester Aboard or Snow Bound and then forward the confirmation email to  Don’t forget to add the order number in the Rafflecopter!
The next one is fanart! I love looking at fanart! The other day I realized that I have yet to see any fanart related to More than Magic. =(  I’d love to see how other people envision the world! If you’re artistically inclined or handy with photoshop, try your hand at some fanart! I will also (with your permission of course) feature it on Pinterest, right here on my blog, and on my Facebook page!
Now, here’s the good news – I am actually giving away three different signed copies of either Semester Aboard or Snow Bound. One will go to a winner of the Rafflecopter. But I will have a separate drawing for people who have purchased it (so you get two shots!) and a separate drawing just for the people who make fanart! (so you get two chances as well!)

And last, you may have noticed Magical ID Cards as one of the prizes. (a special THANK YOU, YOU ARE BRILLIANT to Delphina for suggesting this one!) If you have already read Snow Bound, you know what these are! If not, allow me to explain. Every magic is issued their own ID card, much like a social security card or driver’s licence. I’m going to make 5 custom ID cards for 5 lucky people! If you win, I’ll need a picture of you for the ID and what type of magic you want to be!

So, spread the word and get some contest entries! The Rafflecopter closes on January 28th, the day after the party. Good luck!

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  1. Hey, Elizabeth, wanted to ask, where does this take place, as in what state? I know her cousin was in Colorado, but was mentioned that she was far away, and wanted to know, as I am in this cool challenge, called Where are you Reading. and we link up our reviews and where they are on a google maps, and wanted to be able to include this one too. Just let me know state or country if not in USA, as I figure the town may be fictional, which is fine

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