The Official Semester Aboard Three Year Anniversary Contest

 It’s time! The three year anniversary of the publishing date of Semester Aboard is coming up in August. I think that means it’s time for some serious, never-before created prizes. I just placed an order for a poster, a mug, and a tote-bag featuring the cover of Semester Aboard. Notice the fact these are singular. That’s right, they are the first and ONLY ones ever created!!
This time around, I’m not doing random chance. I’m doing a point system. The three people with the most points WILL win one of these prizes. And everyone who earns above the minimum point threshold will win the Letter from a More than Magic Character prize (you pick a character of your choice from MtM and send them an email (as much as you want to write) and that character will “hand-write” and snail mail a reply back to you!)
So, how do you get points, you ask?
~ Take a Selfie with Semester Aboard!  You will get 2 points for a selfie with an eReader that has SA’s cover pulled up. You will get an additional point for each additional selfie with Snow Bound and Danio’s Prelude.  You will get 5(!) points for a selfie with a paperback version of Semester Aboard! Post it on Facebook and tag me! Be sure to contact me and make sure I see it!
~ 0.5 Points for a Tweet @more_than_magic that mentions SA and links to it on Amazon! Please don’t do this more than once a day! =)
~ Semester Aboard is only TEN reviews away from 100 on Amazon! If it reaches 100 before this contest is over, everyone with any points will automatically get TEN! If you’ve been putting off reviewing, do it now! If you know a friend who hasn’t, get on them!
~ Follow my blog for 2 points! Make sure you post here so that I who you are! Blog names aren’t always the same as FB ones.

~ Comment on this blog post for 1 point!
~ Can you think of some other things you could do for points? Suggest them! If I use your idea you get a point for suggesting it!

Let’s make the Three Year Anniversary a BIG DEAL!!!!

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