Thomas’ Birthday and Contest

Happy Birthday Thomas!

To celebrate, I asked people to post any questions they had for me, Thomas, or the rest of the gang on my facebook page. Below are all of the questions, and answers! Each person got an entry into the contest for every question they asked! The winners are listed below as well!


Questions for Me

Sarah D: Is he based on anyone you actually know?

Elizabeth: Nope! I’m sure bits and parts of him came from my subconscious somewhere, but he’s not deliberately, in personality or looks, based on anyone.

Questions for Thomas

Steph T: Thomas what are your birthday plans ? 🙂

MaryAnn I: Happy Birthday Thomas! First off, what are you doing for your birthday this year, seeing as how you have lived so long and seen so much?

Thomas: Thanks. I actually didn’t have any big plans. Once magics get old enough, we usually throw a “bigger” party every 5 or 10 years, depending on, well who you are. And then a big bash for things like 50, 75, 100. And so on. I wasn’t going to do much this year. And I figured anything was better than last year when Dani hummed When I’m Sixty-Four. Non-stop. All. Day. Long.

Anyway, I watched the Giants crush the Browns in the afternoon, which was great. Then, Jen flew up from Maryland, which was a total, fantastic surprise. And then, I got called into work for an emergency. Dani made a wrong turn and got us horribly lost, which, in hindsight, really isn’t like him at all. Nto to mention he’s lived near Buffalo as long as I have and knows his way around. So, at the time I was just mad that he was ignoring the GPS and driving around aimlessly. We ended up at a Dave and Buster’s, which is basically Chuck E Cheese’s for adults. And…well, pretty much the entire office was there. And our little, infuriating, detour was just to give Teth, Jen, and everyone else time to beat me there. And a ton of other people showed up too; Dani’s brother and his wife, Ember and Charlie’s sister, some old co-workers I haven’t seen in ages. It was a birthday slash mock-retirement party. Because, you know, 65. Hah.

Needless to say, it was a great time. They rented out the whole place, no non-magics around. It was a blast.

Steph T: Thomas favorite birthday treat? cupcakes? regular cake? or even drinks? lol

Jessica C: Thomas: favorite kind of cake/ice cream?

Thomas: I’m a cake fan. Spice cake and pumpkin cake are probably my favorites. I really don’t have any drinks I specifically go to on my birthday. I guess it is the time of year for cider though, so I do start drinking that a lot around now. And I used to like ice cream, but since…it’s a bit too cold for my liking now.

Yvonne L: Happy Birthday Thomas! 🙂 What would be your ideal birthday present to get? What’s the worst present you’ve ever gotten? How would you love to spend your birthday?
Where has been the best or most interesting place you have been?

Thomas: Thanks! I don’t know if I really have an ideal present. As long as it’s something I like. And, I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right? As for the worst…I’m not sure on that one either. Probably one of the numerous gag gifts Danio gets me on a regular basis. But he always follows them up with something I actually like, so I can’t complain.

As long as I’m with friends, I don’t really care how I spend it. Hell, I was perfectly happy sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching football with Teth, Dani, and Char yesterday. Even though Danio roots against the Giants.

Best or most interesting place? Hmm…I lived in Japan for a while, which was awesome. Probably the most culturally interesting place I’ve ever been. I toured Latin America a couple of summers ago and everywhere I visited was great.

Ruthi K: First, happy birthday to Thomas! 😀 My question is: Do you miss what you used to be and how is it different now that you’re a vampire? Also, what in the world is going on with you and Jen?!?!? I’d love to see a future for you two, at least somewhere along the way 😀

Thomas: Thank you! Man…yeah, I miss it sometimes. It’s been a long time since I got the urge to cast a spell, before remembering that I can’t, but I do still wish I could once in a while. But, more than anything, I think I just miss the people. You know, my parents…Hylay…

Life is different of course, but it’s been so long I really can’t quite picture where I’d be if none of that had happened. I would never have met Tethys or Danio. Might have hit it off with Char at the office, but then, if I hadn’t been turned, I’m not sure if I would ever have even worked for MES. It’s a little crazy to think about. Sort of makes me wonder where everyone else would be too.

Um…I’m just going to say Jen and I…well, that’s personal and I’m going leave it at that.

Julia HRR: Happy birthday T. What was your best birthday? which one was it and where were did you celebrate it?

Thomas: Thanks…J? My best birthday…Well, this one was certainly up there! I’ve had a couple of little surprise parties thrown before, but nothing with a turn out like last night! After that was probably my 34th. That was my first birthday after Teth got back from Ireland, and Danio and I had become pretty good friends by then. It was…I guess it was my first birthday with real friends since I was turned. I don’t even think we did anything beyond going out to dinner. I’ll just always remember that it was a great one.

Tiffany P: Happy Birthday Thomas!! My question is What is your favorite decade.

Thomas: Thanks, man I feel popular today. My favorite decade…is that in terms of how my life was going or just…decade? Although, I guess it’s probably the 80s either way. First of all, the music. Now, I’ll always love Rock and Roll – the good kind I mean, Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who – but I loved the music in the 80s. You know that scene in Back to the Future where Marty goes nuts on the guitar and then says, “I guess you aren’t ready for that yet, but your kids will love it?” Yeah, that’s how I felt in the 80s. The music was just so different. I had been playing the guitar for decades at that point, and it was like learning all over again.

Then the technology in the 80s. Computers, all the different TV channels, VHS was so easy to get. And don’t even get me started on my first Walkman! And CDs! It was just such an exciting time.

And as for my personal life, the 80s can’t be beat. I was an Agent, got promoted to Senior Agent. I met Danio…actually god, no, I met him before then. Man, it’s been a while. But still, we got a lot closer in the 80s. Teth came back from Ireland right in the beginning of that decade. He was, you know, an adult then, so right away we were closer than when he had been a kid. And the three of us rented a fantastic house for years. Those were the days. And I got my first Masters. Charlie transferred to our office in…I guess 86. It was just…it was a great decade all the way around.

April A: For Thomas Happy Birthday And Whats Your Idea Of the Perfect Woman

Thomas: Thanks and…wow. That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? I think, above and beyond anything else, she absolutely has to be ok with what I am. Honestly, ok with it, that is. I’ve had girlfriends who claimed it was fine, but started hyperventilating if I so much as said I was hungry. And I ran into one of those…goth girls back in two-thousand-something and she was nuts. She swore up and down she was cool with it, but then she started dropping all sorts of hints about biting and blood and was into a lot of other weird stuff. I ended that one fast.

And, that aside, she has to get me and Tethys too. He’s…I mean, honestly, he’s like a familiar to me. More than that even. Fend has a perch he sleeps on right next to Jon’s bed and I know Rak sleeps on Jen’s bed. Teth certainly won’t be crashing my room if I’m with a girl, but she’d have to understand that he’s always going to be around. And if I had to choose, I don’t care who she is, I’ll always put Tethys first. Any wizard would do the same for his familiar and if this ideal girl doesn’t understand that it’s the same with us, then she’s not all that ideal.

Anyway, beyond that impossible ideal, you know, the usual I guess. Smart, clever. Pretty wouldn’t be bad either. Shorter than me…cause, I am a bit shorter than I’d like to be. And I’m just self-conscious enough that I’d hate to have a girlfriend taller than me. If she draws even with me in heels that’s fine, but shorter is better.

Cassie C: Happy birthday! what was your worst birthday? Why was it your worst birthday?

Thomas: Thanks! It was my 20th. I’m just…I’m just leaving it there. You do the math.

Jessica C: For Thomas: best birthday present you’ve ever gotten

Thomas: Hmm…I’ve gotten a lot of great ones.I think the…the best was actually…this is sort of tough to describe. Basically, a lot of Japanese magics have this tradition where they plant a bonsai the day their children are born. And the wizards in particular usually have a specific Family Wand Wood, if you will. So, the bonsai is usually the same type. When I turned 29, Jon had pretty much every wood elemental in Japan looking for a Japanese Cedar, which is his family wand wood, that was planted the same day I was born. Luckily, dryads actually pay attention to that sort of thing. Anyway, they found one and he and Natsuki gave it to me. Which, was sort of like symbolically adopting me. And that…yeah…that was an amazing gift, in every way.

Jessica C: Thomas: if you could would you be a wizard again? Or just stay a vampire?

Thomas: Honestly…if I could just switch, right now, and nothing else in my life would change…I…I think I would. But, on the other hand, I’ve just…I’ve come a really long way in accepting it, and even embracing it now and again. Plus, there’s a lot I can with MES that they need a vampire for. If being a wizard again meant that there might be people getting turned or killed that I could have prevented…yeah…I’d stay a vampire.

Steph T: Thomas what is one place you would want to visit for your birthday?

Thomas: I’ve visited quite a few of my “go-to” places. I guess I’d probably want to go somewhere I haven’t gone yet. Australia would be cool. Maybe somewhere tropical too, like Bermuda. I’ve never been to the Caribbean. Or, just the opposite, somewhere like Iceland or Norway. Just someplace really different. Is Jen coming? Cause, then I’d have to appeal to the history major in both of us and choose somewhere really historically exciting.

Steph T: Thomas: How do you feel about Vegas? Lol

Thomas: Uh…I mean, I’d probably have fun there. I had a good time down in Atlantic City a few years back, so I imagine Vegas would be pretty fun too. Although, casinos are pretty noisy. I think I’d be miserable without earplugs. And people still smoke in casinos, don’t they? That smell is overwhelming for my nose. So, it would really depend on where in Vegas. I don’t think that’s Charlie’s scene, but I know Teth and Dani would come with me, and Teth’s nose is too sensitive for cigarette smoke too and Dani avoids smokers like the plague. And Teth would need a pair of earplugs too, unless it was daytime. So, I think the three of us would have trouble finding a place we can all settle in.

As for the other ‘popular’ part of Vegas, that’s not my thing. But…huh. Now that I think about it, I would really, really like to buy Danio a lap dance. That would be hilarious. His revenge would be horrible, but two minutes of watching him squirm would be so, so worth it.

Steph T: Thomas: If you had 3 wishes from a genie on your birthday what would you wish for?

Thomas: Um…that’s a tough one. Are these fun wishes or serious wishes? I’ll go fun, cause…I’m pretty well set, to be honest. Unless we’re doing serious wishes which would just be depressing. So, let’s see…Superbowl win for the Giants again this year? Maybe a beach house someplace tropical. And…well, actually I’d love to live closer to Jen.

Steph T: Thomas: if there was one/two physical or mental features you could change what would that be?

Thomas: About me? I’d be taller. Even a couple of inches would be great. And I’m jealous of Teth’s knack for languages. He just picks them up so freaking fast. I don’t know how he doesn’t get them all jumbled up.

Jenny W: Thomas: Umm…when are you gonna kiss Jen again??

Thomas: Whoa! That’s a bit personal isn’t it?

Jenny W: Thomas: Instead of a wish for yourself, who would you make a birthday wish for and what would it be?

Thomas: Well, that’s significantly more serious than your previous question. Tougher too. Since you say Jen, I’d probably make one for her. And it would be something sappy like happiness or whatever.

Questions for Everyone Else

Steph T: For everyone else: are there any special things you guys want to do for Thomas’ birthday?

TS: Hah. I already did. Boy, was he surprised.

Charlie: Yeah, we had it all roped off and it looked like a typical, major, MES deal. The look on his face when he realized it was party was priceless.

Mariana: They kept him occupied with football while I grabbed Jen from the airport. He couldn’t believe it when she walked in the door!

Jen: He was stunned. I think that was a perfect birthday surprise. And then the party was just icing on the cake.

Dani: I was pretty sure I was going to end up dead by the side of the road before we got there. Tom got sooooo pissed when I took the “wrong” exit.

Yvonne L: To the others, what’s the most annoying thing about Thomas? (like annoying habits, etc).

TS: He doesn’t have any that ever bother me. I’m not even sure if he has any.

Dani: I hate to say it, but he really isn’t all that annoying. Unless he’s trying to deliberately get on my nerves, that is.

Charlie: Yeah…I don’t think he’s very irritating. He does periodically laugh at conversations I can’t hear. But that only annoys me because I’m nosy and want to know what they’re saying.

Mariana: He sometimes forgets I’m not a kid anymore. That ticks me off a little.

Jen: He makes me really mad everytime he pulls that “How can you like a vampire?” crap on me. I swear, one of these days I’m just going to smack him.

Jessica C: For everyone: who throws the best parties?

Thomas: Teth and I have the so-called “party house.” It’s a good size and it’s sort of in the middle of nowhere. Which allows everyone to be noisy and we don’t have to worry about non-magics. Although we don’t really do big parties. The vast majority of the time it’s just us and Danio and Char. And we do the same stuff we’ve done for the past thirty years – games and junk food.

Somehow we’re not bored with it yet.

TS: Yeah, our house is probably the place to be. Dani and Charlie have a fairly out of the way place, but Callie and Ember are right there. And it isn’t the biggest yard, most of it’s pond.

Dani: I can plan one hell of a party. I think my mother would disown me if I couldn’t. But, like Tom said, we don’t really do any huge parties. Him and I, at least, prefer smaller crowds. It’s funny, now that I think about it, most of the time we all hang out would work just as well at my place, but Tom and TS’ house has always just been the default spot. Probably cause we lived there for a decade. Creatures of habit I guess.

Charlie: I’m hands-down the best cook. And isn’t food the heart of the party? Of course, most of the time we just order pizzas and eat chips. But, if we’re doing something fancy, I usually like to go all out in the kitchen. Unless the party we’re talking about is at the Pelagos house. In which case I just keep clear while Danio’s mother cooks.

Mariana: What type of party? These idiots’ idea of a party is greasy food and video games. I mean, I enjoy that a couple of times a month, but everytime all four of them have the same day off it’s game night! And worst of all, Ember is perfectly happy joining them! She’ll come out to a real party with me like, once a month. But she’s totally fine playing video games with them! But Dani and Charlie rotate throwing a big holiday or Thanksgiving party every few years with their families. And they can really put together a classy thing. Well, the holiday ones are classy. The Thanksgiving ones usually involve Dani sitting on the couch with his brother while they scream at the TV.

Jen: I’m not really a party girl. I’ve gotten up to New York for a couple of the game nights at Thomas’ house and I enjoy them. A little too much video game playing for my liking, but when it’s movies and board games, it’s great. That’s my kind of party.

A big thank you to everyone who participated! If you enjoyed this, let me know, I’ll be happy to do more of them! Now, on to the winners!

I gave everyone a number for each question (some of you racked them up!) and then stuck them all in

The Winners:
Signed Bookmark: Yvonne L
Signed Bookmark: Ruthi K
Signed Bookmark: Jessica C
Digital Copy of Snow Bound: Cassie C
Digital Copy of Snow Bound: Steph T

Congrats! If you won a bookmark please email me your address. If you won a copy of Snow Bound, you’ll have to be patient! But email me so that I can stick it in my Snow Bound folder so I remember you!


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