Time Moves Too Fast!

I can’t believe it’s December already.  My goodness time goes too quickly.  Once again, I find myself not having done any Christmas shopping.  I also don’t have an advent calendar this year, which depresses me.  I always make one every year, and December crept up so fast I didn’t get a chance (and still haven’t!).

I got sick on Thanksgiving.  Thankfully (hurr hurr) I wasn’t terribly sick.  That said, I’ve had an awful cough and sore throat ever since!  I woke up Saturday with a horribly swollen eye and totally freaked out.  Remember, I just had laser eye surgery.  Long story (and five hours) later, it was pink-eye.  I probably caught it from a combination of being sick to begin with, my eyes being weakened as they heal, and the fact I work in a preschool.  Then, of course, it had spread to both eyes when I woke up on Sunday.

And, speaking of work, we’re shorthanded this week so I’m going in an hour early every day.  With all of the writing I’m trying to do (and the wedding planning, oh god the planning) I’m swamped!

Well, enough about life.  On to more important things: writing!

I’ve started seriously out-lining the sequel to Semester Aboard!  I had a couple of early chapters written, long long ago.  Now, I’m naming and detailing new characters, and starting to outline the plot chapter by chapter.  Needless to say, I’m excited.  I hope to be able to sit down soon and actually start writing it!  I intend to post the first chapter when I finish!

Semester Aboard got a fantastic review from Kate of Urban Fantasy Reviews!  I read it with a big smile on my face!  Check it out!

Also, today marks the four-month birthday of Semester Aboard!  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but being an author has always been my dream, so each month (hell, each day) that I know my book is out there is a huge milestone for me.

Speaking of always wanting to be an author, I’ve carried notebooks around with me for years.  I always have a little spiral-bound one in my bag.  The other day I was flipping through them, trying to find notes for a current book idea I’m tossing around, and I came upon one from 2005.  Like most of my notebooks, it was full of book notes and to-do lists.  But, one page stuck out at me.  It was a very simple list of characters.  I’m pretty sure that it’s the earliest written notes on what became Semester Aboard.  It was really awesome to find it.

Last, but not least, I posted Chapter 2 of Semester Aboard on Facebook.  I plan to put it up here too, as soon as I have the extra time!

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