Trivia Day #4!

If you aren’t in the know – I’m having a contest! The winners will get a free digital copy of Semester Aboard! The contest is in celebration of Dani’s birthday, so I’m posting trivia about him not found in the book! There are plenty of ways to get entries, just read over my previous posts!

Today’s Trivia: Dani has a soft spot for video games, particularly MMOs. He often finds himself playing for quite a bit longer than he intended when he sat down to play. That said, he plays with his older brother and a few good friends he doesn’t see often. Dani enjoys it because he can voice chat with everyone at once and it’s a bit more exciting than just talking on the phone.

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  1. Hey you! Facebook message or email me sometime, I feel like we haven’t talked in ages! And, yes, Cove gets in on the action sometimes. Usually, it’s just Dani and his brother, or Dani, Gale, Marco, and Tesla. =)

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