Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands

Amidst all of my crazy wedding planning, I finally found the time to curl up with my ARC of the latest Argeneau novel and write up a review of it!  Please excuse the odd formatting, I (because I’m lazy) cross-post to another site that is a lot stricter on review format. 

Under a Vampire Moon

Just in time for the warm weather, Lynsay Sands brings us the next long-awaited Argeneau novel set in sunny St. Lucia.  It’s just about the worst place for a bunch of vampires, but Sands is more than talented enough to get the Argeneau-Notte clan there.  The only problem with Under Vampire Moon is that it’s too short!  Readers will have a hard time setting it down and will be left wishing for more.  Once again, Sands has crafted a fantastic tale. It’s tasteful and steamy, with just the right mix of laughs and drama thrown in!  There’s significantly less violence than readers familiar with the series may expect, but this book is just as compelling as it’s predecessors!

Marguerite and Julius are on their long-overdue honeymoon in St. Lucia.  It’s the ultimate honeymooner spot, even if you’re soaking up the night life instead of the sun.  But Marguerite’s mind is always on her children.  When she meets Carolyn, Marguerite knows that she’s found a life-mate for her son Christian.  Lucky for Marguerite, the resort is in need of a new band and Christian and his cousins happen be members of a talented one.  And after a few hundred years, they should be!  Marguerite sends for them right away. 

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Carolyn is a middle-aged woman going through a divorce.  Her marriage, to put it lightly, wasn’t a good one. She’s an emotional wreck and can’t believe her friends thought that a trip to honeymoon central would be a good way to cheer her up.  Then she meets Christian.  He’s handsome, he’s kind, he’s everything a woman could want and he makes her feel great.  Too bad he’s half her age.  And gay. 

Christian knows that his mother has found his life-mate the moment she invites him to crash her honeymoon.  She’s found life-mates for his other siblings and his turn is long overdue.  He can’t wait to finally meet her.  A life-mate is the one person that a vampire is meant to be with. Christian won’t be able to read her mind and will love her, eternally, body and soul.  But it isn’t long before he realizes that Carolyn has been too hurt before to open up to another man.  If she develops feelings for him, she’ll scare herself away.  Christian is at a loss for what to do.  When his cousin tells Carolyn that Christian is gay and needs her to pretend to be his girlfriend, he’s furious.  That is, until he realizes it’s the only way to get close to Carolyn.

Out of the Closet and into the Sun

Now, Christian has his hands full trying to convince the love of his life that he’s a gay man pretending to be straight, and all the while pretending to be human! Meanwhile, Carolyn is struggling with the feelings she’s developing for him.  And the spicy dreams she keeps having aren’t helping!  Throw in a tour boat captain with his eye on Carolyn and some close calls with low blood sugar and you’ve got quite the story!

Even if Christian can get Carolyn to fall for him, will she stay with him after finding out he’s straight and, more importantly, after finding out that he’s a vampire? Or will Carolyn’s broken heart and shattered self-confidence drive her away from her life-mate?

Another Must-Read for Vampire Romance Fans

If you love vampire romance, you’ll love Under a Vampire Moon!  As always, Sands is able to bring brand new readers up to speed, without any boring repetition for old fans. While this book still had its good twists, it lacked some of the usual foreshadowing and a couple surprises seemed a bit too sudden and hard to accept. Nevertheless, it still had all of the fun, the romance, and the compelling story of the other Argeneau novels.

Due out on April 24, 2012 and published by Avon, Under a Vampire Moon, ISBN-10: 0061894648, should be on every paranormal romance fans to-read list!

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  1. Another strong addition to the Argeneau Vampire Series, this one with delightfully less of the slapstick which has plagued some of the enforcer novels. Under a Vampire Moon stars Christian Notte, whom we found out a few books back was the love child of Marguerite Argeneau and Julius Notte. When that couple is on their long belated honeymoon on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia Marguerite happens upon 42 year old divorcee, Carolyn, who is trying to get away from the trauma of a sham marriage with friends who are neglecting her in the honeymooners paradise. Suspecting that this is the life mate for her last unmarried child, she tells Julius who hauls not only his son to the island but also Christians band mates who happen to be his cousins. The introduction of all these new relatives was a little jarring as at first you had very little description to paint a picture of them with.

  2. I’m done reading Under the Vampire Moon and I was really captivated by the story though I wasn’t satisfied with the ending, so I just want to ask what is the title of the sequel of this book? I just can’t wait to read the sequel. Thank you very much and I’m hoping to have an answer.

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