Upcoming Anthology

If you haven’t heard yet, Anchor Group Publishing’s first anthology is coming out! Mark your calendars for October 13, 2012!

It’s a great collection of short stories by some fantastic authors! And there just so happens to be a short story by yours truly! If you’re eager for the sequel to Semester Aboard, this story might tide you over a bit! Here’s a little teaser for you!

I looked up from my book just before Mariana splashed down into the tub with me. For a few seconds there was chaos. I was glad that I had decided to take a rather bubbly bath. When the water was still I adjusted how I was sitting for decency’s sake, and then waited. I forced back the urge to hum the theme from Jaws while I waited for her to surface. A moment later, a mop of curly green hair, with blue eyes, and a big smile popped up out of the bubbles.
“Hi, Dani!” Mariana cried.
“Hi…mind hopping on back out of the tub, kiddo?”
“Because I’m taking a bath.”

If you want more, you’ll have to wait until the 13th!

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And while you’re waiting, here’s a little prize drawing for you! Leave a comment on this post and 1 random person will win a signed bookmark!

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