UtopYA Pre-Buy!

I’m getting excited as the days tick down to UtopYA!

It looks like my travel plans have changed and I may be flying. I’m trying to juggle costs (travel, books, and swag). A few people have already told me they’re excited for an autograph, which in turn makes me excited.

But now, I’m stuck with that awful “How many books do I bring?” question. I don’t want to end up brigning too many and struggle on the plane, drain my bank account, and then be left at the end packing up books again. But I also do not want to have to tell people that the book they’ve been waiting months to get signed has been sold out.

So, I’ve decided to make all of our lives easier and offer to Pre-Sign books.  If you want a book signed by me at UtopYA and don’t want to risk it selling out, here are two easy ways:

Option 1:
Step 1: Email me. Let me know who you are, that you WILL be at UtopYA, and that you want me to pre-sign a book for you.  I will respond with my mailing address, please respect it and don’t give it out <3  Send the emails to morethanmagicseries AT gmail DOT com

Step 2: Buy the books on Amazon or B&N and ship them TO ME

Step 3: Come find me and pick them up at UtopYA!  =)  I will sign the books as soon as I get them, make sure that YOUR name is on them, and bring them all with me to Nashville. Then all you have to do is swing by my table and grab your copy!

Don’t worry, I’m going to keep VERY careful track. I will absolutely not give your book away to someone else!

Option 2: Feel free to just pre-buy the books before you go to UtopYA and bring them with you!  I’m not going to refuse to sign it or something, just because you bought it somewhere else!

Can’t wait to see you all at UtopYA!

Book 1 in Paperback
Book 2 in Paperback

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