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“Being a werewolf is harder than it looks. Everyone thinks it’s just morph at the full moon, kill, morph back. That’s not true. It’s a lot harder than that. Especially if you are seventeen years old.”

Willow has the worst luck. First she has to deal with her narcissistic foster mother, Bella; then of course there’s her horrid little sister Ivy; not to mention the pack of werewolves that belong to Bella. Now, they have to move and start a new school – again.

Just when Willow thinks things can’t get any worse, Blake shows up from a council she never knew existed to name her leader of a pack she never knew existed. How was she supposed to teach a bunch of teenagers how to be wolves when she herself hated everything about her life?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic story! August 25, 2012
By AprilOhellyeah
Willow is a great read. It’s not at all your basic werewolf story. It has action, drama, love, and humor. It is very well written. I love this author, I will continue to read her books. Hopefully there will be many many more to come! Read this book and just try not to love it 🙂
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic read August 30, 2012
By Tonia Gradeless
Willow is an amazing character with depth and personality that draws you in immediately, I couldn’t put it
down! Amy is a great descriptive writer with a story that doesn’t fall in step with other books of this very
popular genre and the lives of these werewolves is so fresh and different that it has a real sense of reality
mixed with fantasy! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series as well as any other novel Amy writes.
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5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING! (Waiting for book 2) August 30, 2012
By Amanda
‘WOW’ was my first thought once I finished Willow. I was already thinking “When does book 2 come out?” Amy’s world of werewolves had me hooked from the start. Willow was a great lead character and I enjoyed following her and watching as she grew. After the first chapter I had abandoned everything for the day just to read one more chapter….and then one more….until I had finished the entire thing in one sitting!! Without giving away too much I loved the role her females play – what woman wouldn’t want several men to obey their every whim? The story line was great and easy to follow with enough to leave you asking questions…and of course salivating for more! Five stars? Pshh I say TEN!
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