The More than Magic Series

 The More than Magic Trilogy

Award-winning Upper Ya (16+) Urban Fantasy

Join 21-year-old Jennifer Maddox as she embarks on a (literal) voyage of self-discovery when she discovers that she’s a witch! Together with her new magical friends, she braves vampires, werewolf hunters, and kidnappers with sinister agendas. If you like well-developed characters with close-knit friendships, unique spins on paranormal creatures, and a story that will keep you up all night, grab More than Magic today!

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More than Magic: Rise of the Arcanist

New Adult Urban Fantasy

Five years after Soul Choice, Jen is all grown up and so is the series — these books are darker, with fouler language, steamier scenes, and even more at stake! If you loved the original trilogy, you won’t be able to put down Rise of the Arcanist!

They say it took one hundred magical beings to defeat the first Arcanist. Great care was taken to ensure the secret to his malevolent power died with him. Now the brutal reign of the Arcanist has become little more than a scary bedtime story. And yet, the descendants of his loyal followers are sworn to find a way to bestow his dark magic upon another. If they succeed, they’ll unleash a new terror upon an unsuspecting world.

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Magic Betrayed (Book 1) (also available on audiobook)
Magic Vanished (Book 2)
Magic Awakened (Book 3)
Magic Conquered (Book 4)
Magic Unveiled (Book 5)
Magic Sacrificed (Book 6)

Bonus Material

Questionnaires – These can each stand alone (but are more fun read as a group) and don’t have any spoilers, so you can feel free to read them even if you haven’t read the books. But they do have some fun ‘Easter Eggs’ if you have read them!

Thomas Clark~*~*~Dani Pelagos~*~*~TS Conall~*~*~Charlie Smith~*~*~Mariana Bar~*~*~Jen Maddox

Emails and Text Messages: Go ‘behind the scenes’ and check out a series of emails and text messages that are being sent around by the More than Magic gang!

Behind the Story: The Birth of More than Magic

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