Book One

Semester Aboard

More than Magic Book #1

You can read the first More than Magic book for free! Scroll down to check out the blurb and see all the different ways to download it:

I should have packed a stake.
I thought a two-month cruise around Latin America would be filled with magical moments. I never imagined I’d be swimming with a mermaid or hiking through a rainforest with a werewolf. That is, until that fateful night when I met Thomas and the others out on deck and discovered that magic is real.
Now, they’re teaching me how to use my newfound powers and what’s more, they’ve welcomed me into the close-knit little family they’ve built together. Turns out we aren’t the only paranormal beings on board, and our bloodthirsty enemy isn’t happy we’re here.
A week ago, I didn’t even believe vampires were real, but now we’re being stalked by one. Trapped on the ship, with no way to call for help, it’s up to us to stop him and save the rest of the passengers… and ourselves. If we can’t, we might never set foot on land again.

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