May, Married, and Thomas Pictures

Hello! It’s May and it’s been awhile! I’ve gotten a few more great reviews since my last post and some new faces. I’m married! That’s awesome for me. And also for you, because now my free time can be spent writing instead of wedding planning! My biggest (non-wedding related) book news is that I’ll be a guest at UtopYA this July!

Source: via Janet on Pinterest

I’m beyond stoked for this! I’m going to have teaser books of Semester Aboard, at least two kinds of bookmarks, and a calendar! If I’m anywhere near finished with Book Two (yes, it has been officially started!) then I may try to bring a teaser of that as well! Speaking of Book Two, as I said, it has been started! My schedule is all over the place right now, but I’m getting more and more time to write as things settle down. The sequel is looking to be quite a bit shorter than the original, so with any luck it’ll be on e-shelves quite a bit faster! In other book news, I’m plotting out a short story collection; this is also turning into a contest, details in an upcoming blog post – keep your eyes open! And now, what you’re reading (or skimming) this for: the next round of character pictures! This time we were finding pictures of Thomas! Everyone who entered is getting their entry posted here, along with a promo that they requested! These are also being pinned on my Pinterest board! And the winning picture…well, some of you will see…in July… First we have one from Emma And-Ali! He’s a little younger than the Thomas in my head, but I love his eyes and he’s got that aura of sadness, y’know? She(they?) haven’t requested a promo yet, but I’ll add it when they do!

Next up is an entry from Missi! She requested a promo for the Facebook Page, Paranormal Reads since she discovered me through them! He’s striking me as a bit tall, but again, he’s got a thoughtful thing going on that I just adore!

Now we have one from Yvonne! She requested a shout-out to her page: The Shadow Realm – I suggest you check it out! This Thomas is good! He’s a little young, but actually, in my opinion, looks quite a lot like the winning picture. Maybe this is just young Tom?

And now we have the winning picture! Melissa actually posted two, I like the one on top best, but I’m posting both because I might as well fill my blog with nice looking men! That and I keep going back and forth over which is my favorite. Melissa is a fantastic editor and book reviewer! If you need editing or are in the mood to find good books, give her page a look! There for You Book Editing & Review

So, there we go! Thomas! I didn’t hit on a perfect match like I did with Char, but I’m pretty happy! Now it’s time to move on to another character…I think it’s time we got a girl in the mix, how about Mariana?

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