Trivia! Only one more day!

My life is busy!  Here is yesterday and today’s trivia for the contest!  As always, leave a good comment or question and you could get an entry to the contest!  The winners will get a free digital copy of Semester Aboard!

Yesterday’s: In addition to Dani, there are five other main characters in Semester Aboard. Dani met Thomas first, then TS, then Mariana, and then Charlie. He meets our narrator, Jen, shortly before Chapter One begins! 

Today’s Trivia: Dani tells Jen (the narrator of Semester Aboard) that his real name is Danio. This is true, but it’s a very simplified version of the truth. For all intents and purposes, Danio IS his real name and that’s what it says on most of his legal documents (although a couple say Daniel). But, he changed his name to Danio after moving to America. In Greece, he went by Nikolaos. The only people who still call him that are his relatives in Greece and, if he’s about to get in trouble, his mother. But, neither one is his birth name! His real name is – as most names in Panthalassish are – a long, complicated, poetic description of tides and currents and things.

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