Trivia Day 5 and 6 (oops!)

I knew I forgot something yesterday!  Here’s today, and yesterday’s trivia for the contest!  I’m pretty stoked,  I’ve got a total of 101 entries!  Some of you have gathered a bunch!  It looks like I’ll be giving away at least 8 copies!

So, here’s yesterday’s trivia about Dani!

In addition to sports, Dani is a big music guy. He can play the piano and the guitar, and, naturally, he’s a great singer. He’ll listen to just about any music, although he isn’t a huge fan of rap. But, he thinks that pirate hip-hop might just be the internet’s greatest contribution to society.
And today is a little different than previous ones!  This time, you ask me something you want to know! It can be about Dani, or (if you’ve read chapter 1, available in my notes on Facebook) it can be about any of the other characters/Semester Aboard in general!

You’ll get an entry into the contest for every good question you ask! Remember, we’re drawing to a close! The contest ends the 9th and I’ll announce the winners on the 10th! The more people who enter, the more winners of a copy of Semester Aboard there will be! Be sure to read my earlier updates for more ways to enter!

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